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    OK so Devexpress screwed up recently,  they changed the look of their website and in doing do screwed big time with the menus structures.  As such everyone was annoyed.

    So today I goto the Telerik site and OK the look hasn't changed that much but the menus are ... screwed.  You now have to hunt through levels of menus that were not there.

    What I don't get about all this from both yourselves and Devexpress is that you are two companies that take pride on the fact that you try and provide controls that make doing good menus easier.  But you don't use them yourselves.

    At the moment I can see the top line has a single thing in the middle saying Menu,clicking on it pulls down a fairly useless menu.  You then have to go to other web pages to get to say the Demos or forums.  Yes I could setup loads of bookmarks but I don't want to have to do that, I'm not always logged in and sometimes I clear my cache because of the rubbish that clogs it up.

    Come on, lets think before we change things for no reason or advantage...  

    I know that you'll argue that you have a growing portfolio, don't we all, hiding useful stuff and making navigation more complex is not the solution.

    Rant over.



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