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    I am a Window Application developer and I want to start creating Web Application, I am in a company that has 2 developer for inhouse development.

    I need to create Web Application Quickly but with flexibility.

    First come to mind was Microsoft Lightswitch as I have play with it and quite happy but Some of our data in the database does not have primary key which is required by Lightswitch Application which I then need to create WCF Services, this is where I have stop and rethink.

    I am coming from Windows Application Development where I access Database information directly to the Database(store procedure, tsql), When I am moving to Web Application  It seem to me there are a lot of choice in deciding what to use WCF, OData, ... but that would add some time to learn before I can get an App up and running.

    Let said I am targeting application delivery time frame in 2 Week (I am converting a few simple windows application).

    Also some of our users that have iPad, that mean Silverlight is not available and (Lightswitch Require Silverlight).

    I did have a though of ASP.NET MVC but, it require a bit of learning and a lot of the validation in Lightswitch is so temping. Therefore my thinking was to create the app in Microsoft Lightswitch and some how have common data access to the business rule.

    Which I can then create App on iPad/Android as needed.

    OS: Windows 7/Windows 8

        Web Application

    Development Tool:

        VS 2010 Ultimate

        Telerik Ultimate 


        iPad/Android Tablet

        IOS Application Access SQL Server Database

        Android Application Access SQL Server Database

    Do you have an suggestion ?

    Do I have to create Web Services Before I start my Web Application development.

    It's been on my mind, therefore I though I'll drop a line here to stop me wondering.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Regards Dat.
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    Posted 21 Jun 2012 Link to this post

    Forgot to mention that light switch 2011 lack reporting
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