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  1. Waleed Seada
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    Posted 30 Dec 2010 Link to this post

    Dear all,

    I am starting my first SL application using the WCF RIA service, I have completed the example using Micosoft ADO.net domain model, then i created the Domain Service class. Now I want to replace this with OA ...

    I can add the OA Domain Model with no problem, but when I need to add the Domain service I can find my Domain Model in the drop down list.
    How can I get it to show up as in Microsoft Domain service wizard.

    Best regards

    using SL4, OA (Q3 2010)

    Modification (31-12-2010 3:40 PM)
    All of suden, I have re-open my application againin VS2010 and I can find the OA context class in the dropdown, but the entries are not there, another thing is when I try to select the .rling option instead I can find the entries but also there is an error referancing the types (tables).

  2. Waleed Seada
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    May 2006

    Posted 01 Jan 2011 Link to this post

    Dear all,

    I try to generate the Domain service class using the .rling file instead and it works for me.
     (except I realize that Domain model wizard apply the pluralization for table name)

    I try to re-build the solution and I got this error :
    "Error 1 Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. GL"

    What could be the reason fo this ... ? and how can I get the Domain service to work with the OpenAccess context not the .rling file.

    Any answer to those two questions ... I am stuck over here ...

    Best regards
  3. Jordan
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    Posted 03 Jan 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Waleed Seada,

    It seems that the first time (when you were not able to see the context in the drop down) the project containing the context has not been built yet.
    It does not matter which approach (context or .rlinq file) you will use to create your OpenAccess domain service. The result should be the same in both cases. The difference between the two approaches is in the way OpenAccess meta-data is obtained by the wizard.

    The reason for the exception that you mention could be failure to create an instance of the OpenAccess context during build (this is needed for generation of client side code by the RIA build infrastructure).

    However we cannot be completely certain what is causing the problem without the full exception.
    You must also have in mind that if you are using the latest version of OpenAccess you will get a clearer message when the above problem occurs.

    I suggest the following:
    1. make sure that you are using the latest version of OpenAccess (with a version number of 2010.3.1125)
    2. if the problem persists, please send us the full exception message including the full stack trace

    the Telerik team
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