VS Beta 2 Support Update?

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  1. Garry
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    Posted 26 Apr 2005 Link to this post

    Sorry I originally posted thsi under the Beta section, but after using a brain cell or two I relized that was for your Menu beta control, but any guys in support willing or able to give us a update on the progress to VS Beta 2 support? I'm very eager to continue working on a project in Beta 2, but sadly can't proceed until my controls are fixed ;) So if you need a priority list I'd go Menu, Editor, PanelBar, and then TabStrip! Ok I have a personal stake in those but any update to any control would be great! Thanks guys in advance!

  2. Vassil
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    Posted 27 Apr 2005 Link to this post


    As we have mentioned in the other post you started, for now we have some preliminary "unofficial" results from our internal .NET 2.0 testing. It seems that the DOCTYPE of all WebPages by default is strict Xhtml 1.1 which seems to mess the appearance of all our controls on the page. We will need to double check what is going on in this mode and hopefully will fix the problems easily. Other issues: themes are not applied in design time; VS2005 changes the default App_Themes folder to App_Themes_Old after converting the sample projects to 2005 format; the control's icon is changed to a generic control icon but drag'and'drop on the form works; the controls are mostly operational but the sample projects do not work properly.

    r.a.d.menu - works perfectly at run-time. The quick-start-framework programming examples DO NOT work under .NET 2.0 (ambiguous definitions because of MS MenuItem class)

    r.a.d.panelbar - works well on .NET 2.0. There are problems with Themes and VS.NET design-time

    r.a.d.tabstrip - v 2.0 works well on .NET 2.0. There are problems with Themes and VS.NET design-time

    r.a.d.editor - editor 5.0 DOES NOT work on .NET 2.0. We are currently working on the issue so that at least the control works well at run-time. The update will be available in 2 weeks at most.

    r.a.d.spell - the control is perfectly usable, but it needs some work with the VS2005 design time, with the help files, and with the examples.

    r.a.d.grid - perfectly usable with some code tweaking to get it data bound (there is a post in the grid forum about this).

    r.a.d.treeview - the control is usable and does not have any problems at run-time

    r.a.d.combobox - the control is usable and does not have any problems at run-time but needs work on the designer.

    Could you tell us where you experience problems? Just to be on the safe side, could you download the single installer for all telerik controls? It was released yesterday and has the latest version of all telerik controls.

    the telerik team

  3. remi blanchette
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    Posted 29 Apr 2005 Link to this post

    I am looking for the official date/ version in which rad controls will officially support the Beta 2 and the Framework and when can we download those?
    From what I read, some control already work partially within the Beta 2? How is this possible ? Are they still referencing the v1.1 assemblies of the framework ? Is it a kind of side-by-side execution?
    I need to know...
  4. Stephen Hendry
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    Posted 30 Apr 2005 Link to this post

    2.0 supports assemblies compiled with 1.x - so all their controls should work fine - no need for special edition specifically compiled with 2.x if they are not supporting some of the new stuff (declarative binding, themes, improved design time support, etc).
    I've played a bit with most of their controls in 2.0 and they mostly work, especially if you remove the nasty default <!DOCTYPE Xhtml 1.1 Strict > of all 2.0 aspx pages. There are some issues as posted in this forum, but I've been told that they'll be releasing updates of all their products until the end of the week that will fix them.
  5. Vassil Petev
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    Posted 03 May 2005 Link to this post

    Actually, Stephen, we said that we will have information on what exactly works and what not within a week's time - we never made the commitment to offer .NET compliant controls within a  week. After all, we have 11 products, not counting the MCMS, SharePoint and DNN integrations.
    We are working on this and we will have some initial releases soon. Note that the support for the new .NET features will appear around the time MS releases the official version of .NET 2.0.
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