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    Posted 29 Nov 2005 Link to this post

    Hello telerik,

    When I want to download my r.a.d.control suite (about 128mb), it is very slow! At the same machine I can get download speeds of e.g. 2500KB/Sec.

    Is there something wrong with my connection or with the upload capacity of your servers? I used to get normal download speeds at telerik, but for a month or two, it is very slow...

    Hope there is an explanation for this?

  2. Boyko
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    Posted 30 Nov 2005 Link to this post

    Hello Daniel,

    Indeed we did experience some server overloads with the great interest in the Q4 release. The first such overload was on Friday, 18th of November - 10:00 PM Central Standard Time. Upon the first notifications we underwent several upgrade routines to our hardware, which you might have also sensed. There were two 10 minute downtimes when we expanded the capabilities of our servers twofold and the bandwidth throughput tenfold (November 22 and November 24, respectively).

    Once these upgrades were in place, we had no further reports of slow downloads. Since we strive to bring the best experience to our clients in using our controls, we also strive to bring the best experience yo our clients in using our website. Since the download of our controls is part of our website service, we would be very thankful if you could give us some more details regarding the slow download speeds you are experiencing.

    A few of the important points that we would be happy if you touch upon are:

    • your incoming connection speed 
    • you speak of 2500 KB/sec download speeds - what is the fastest and the slowest connection to that you can recall? Have you reached similar speeds downloading from other US servers (assuming that you are in the Netherlands from your email account)
    • are the slow download speeds related to same time of the day (for example: slow in the evening and quick in the morning, etc)
    • have you tried downloading from our other websites -,, If you have - does the download proceed just as quick/slow as from

    We know that these questions might seem too much, but we are determined to address any issues yo might have, so we will be looking forward to your reply and looking into delivering even better experience to you.

    Sincerely yours,

    the telerik team

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