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    1.     i am uploading a file  while uploading i  want to create a folder in c:\    drive programatically  and upload the file to that folder is that possible in Telerik sample (silverlight)if so how, can you please help me.
     to create a directory i am using code as written below

    directory.createdirectory(@"c:\tempfolder");      but it is giving error saying unable to access the method system.io.directory.createdirectory(system.string);

    2.   i want to rename the file while uploading i,e if it is abc.jpg i want to rename it to uploadername+currenttime+abc.jpg
    i want to know whether it is possible to rename or not if possible how to do it.( in which method)

    3.    i want the path of file from where it is uploaded  so that i can display that in the progressbar instead of displaying the image name
    just like this(abc.jpg)
    i,e  if the file is fetched from c:\images    then i have to display c:\images\abc.jpg in progress bar .

    I tried  but i am getting problem in fetching the path of a file as well as creating a new folder and renaming.

    Please help me it is urgent.....................................
    my email id is avenugopalsjcit@gmail.com

  2. Ivan
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    Hello Venu,

    Thank you for your interest in the RadUpload control.

    About point 1 and 3: You can not implement such functionality in your client code because of security limitations of the Silverlight. Regarding this limitations you should redesign your application.

    About point 2: please preview the How to upload a file with a different name article, where you can find an example too.

    We hope this information helps you.

    the Telerik team

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  3. venu
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    Thanks a lot ......................................IVAN


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