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    I am evaluating RadMap for use in a GIS web application.  In my application I am using a VisualizationLayer and populating with MapShapeData items using the the layer Items collection.

    When the current LocationRect of the RadMap changes I would like to add and/or remove items from the list.  In this case is it better to clear the collection and re-add everyone or to attempt to remove the items that should not be there and add those that are missing?  The collection does not seem to be ordered, so I suppose Contains will use a linear search, thus I am favoring a clear and add technique.

    In addition how would the MapItemCollection.DeferRefresh attribute affect to proceedings (if at all)?

    Also who would the VisualizationLayer.ResetItems method be useful in this case?

    In my code spike am sometimes seeing exceptions during the update of Items collection, (but this may come from any number of hacks that I am trying).

    Thanks in advance for any help on this subject.

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