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  1. Bala Chandra
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    Posted 20 Aug 2015 Link to this post

    From past 3 app builder updates I am constantly facing build issues. In the last build i was unable to deploy app to my device. With recenet update I am still not able to build. I am receiving following error. The worst part I am unable to read this error. from out put window. I am constantly taken back to show "App builder" output. Can some one respond how to fix this?


    I am a regular user of app builder. But, from past couple of weeks I am annoyed using my self.Building and deploying became hell and hell. 

                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\.abignore
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\.bowerrc
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\bower.json
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\css\ionic.app.scss
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\css\vendor\ionicons\fonts\ionicons.svg
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\css\vendor\ionic\release\fonts\ionicons.eot
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\css\vendor\ionic\release\fonts\ionicons.svg
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\css\vendor\mobiscroll\icons_mobiscroll.eot
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\css\vendor\mobiscroll\icons_mobiscroll.svg
                  Ignored: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\gulpfile.js
    C:\Users\Balac_000\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\Extensions\1ugl40qk.ho3\Targets\Build.targets(149,3): error : Build failed: Source does not exist: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\Plugins\cordova-plugin-autostart\CHANGELOG.md.
    System.ArgumentException: Source does not exist: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\Plugins\cordova-plugin-autostart\CHANGELOG.md
       at SharpCompress.Writer.IWriterExtensions.Write(IWriter writer, String entryPath, FileInfo source)
       at Telerik.BlackDragon.Client.Build.Services.CompressionService.CompressFiles(IEnumerable`1 sourceFiles, String sourceFilesRoot, Stream destinationStream, Compression compression)
       at Telerik.BlackDragon.Client.Build.Services.CompressionService.CompressFiles(IEnumerable`1 sourceFiles, String sourceFilesRoot, String outputPath, Compression compression)
       at Telerik.BlackDragon.Client.Build.PrepareBuild.ExecuteCore(IHttpServiceContext httpServiceContext, LogHelper logger)
    Done building project "Geico.ADExpress.iceproj" -- FAILED.

    Build FAILED.​

  2. Kaloyan
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    Posted 25 Aug 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Bala Chandra,

    Thank you for contacting us about the issue. From the logs you have pasted I see that your project is referring to a missing file. The Source does not exist: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\Plugins\cordova-plugin-autostart\CHANGELOG.md error indicates that your .iceproj file refers to a file: D:\GeicoADExpress\Dev\vNext\Geico.ADExpress\Plugins\cordova-plugin-autostart\CHANGELOG.md on your computer which is most probably missing. To fix this, you can:
    1. Open your project inside Visual Studio;
    2. In the Solution Explorer there, click on the Show All Files button. This will visualize each referred in your .iceproj file for your project.
    3. What you will need to do next, is to remove the references to missing files or recover them. The missing files are marked with exclamation mark in yellow triangle and to remove their references from your project, you will need to delete them from the Solution Explorer in VS. I have attached a screenshot to guide you further.
    4. After cleaning your solution from such files, the "Source does not exist" error should be gone.

    I hope this helps. Please, let me know if you will require our further assistance.


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