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  1. cayates
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    I have an ASP.NET application using Open Access.  During my testing of the application I did not run into any errors.  I deployed the application to production and put some code in there that all unhandled exceptions would be e-mailed to myself.  I am periodically getting the following exception e-mailed to me but I can't figure out why:

    Message: SQL: Type #2005 not nullable! 
    Source: Telerik.OpenAccess.Adonet2 
    Target Site: Void setNull(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Boolean) 
    at Telerik.OpenAccess.RT.Adonet2Generic.Impl.PreparedStatementImp.setNull(Int32 parameterIndex, Int32 sqlType, Int32 length, Int32 scale, Boolean isUnicode) 
    at OpenAccessRuntime.Relational.conn.PooledPreparedStatement.setNull(Int32 parameterIndex, Int32 sqlType, Int32 length, Int32 scale, Boolean isUnicode) 
    at OpenAccessRuntime.Relational.RelationalUtils.set_Renamed(PreparedStatement ps, Int32 index, Object val, Int32 javaTypeCode, Int32 jdbcType, RelationalColumn col) 
    at OpenAccessRuntime.Relational.RelationalGenericState.setFieldData(RelationalField f, PreparedStatement ps, Int32 firstParam, Int32 fieldNo) 
    at OpenAccessRuntime.Relational.RelationalGenericState.setParams(PreparedStatement ps, Int32[] stateFieldNos, Int32 firstFieldNo, Int32 lastFieldNo, Int32 firstParam, PersistGraph pGraph, Int32 tableNo) 
    at OpenAccessRuntime.Relational.RelationalStorageManager.generateInserts(NewObjectOID oid, Int32 index, ClassMetaData cmd, PersistGraph graph, Int32[] fieldNos, CharBuf s, Object[] oidData, IntArray toUpdateIndexes)  

    It doesn't give any more detailed information for me to determine which class or field it's referring to.  Any suggestions?



  2. Jan Blessenohl
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    Posted 29 Oct 2009 Link to this post

    Hello cayates,
    2005 seems to be a clob. Maybe it is an char[] that is null.

    Best wishes,
    Jan Blessenohl
    the Telerik team

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