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    What would be the best method to have test data not included in the reports.  I could do an #if debug and assign a different key, but would be nice if we could exclude specific tagged data.
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    Hi Randy,

    If you'd like to keep internal and development data, we offer a few solutions:
    • If you can detect that the starting application should not report data (for whatever reason), you can skip calling the Start() method and all other calls are essentially void.
    • We also offer the concept of public and internal data origins, where we group the incoming data into either public data or internal data. This can be used to direct internal and test data into a separate store from the public data and this separation is applied to the visualized data. There are two ways to control this:
      • You can control this from code by assigning the TestMode property on the IAnalyticsMonitorSettings instance to true, which will mark the data from that following session as internal data
      • You can also configure our servers to look for specific signs to find internal session data as data is received. By going into the Product Settings for your product on the web client, you'll be able to set a Product Filter. This allows you to setup a list of IP addresses or specific versions of your software and when the incoming data matches this filter, the data is marked as internal data.
    You can read about controlling the data visibility here: http://www.telerik.com/analytics/resources/blog/13-09-11/controlling-data-visibility

     Hope this helps
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