Telerik RadPaneGroup Serialization issue.

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    Recently, I deployed a Silverlight application to a large group of customers.

    I encountered a big problem - the Silverlight page looks the same as before - despite massive updates. I've tracked this down to being caused by a problem with the Serialization Tag in RadDocking. This info is stored in the Application Storage, and telling my customers to clear this inevitably solves their problem.

    There is, I believe, a bug in the telerik RadDocking Serialization, such that when you deploy a site with an additional tab, the number of tabs is maintained in the client's browsers isolated storage - so deployment of a RadPaneGroup containing a single RadPane, and then doing a subsequent upgrade - adding another RadPane adds nothing to the site.

    As an example, take the code below :

           <telerik:RadPane Header="First Pane" telerik:RadDocking.SerializationTag="First">

    Upon initial deployment, this will work fine - with one tab.

    However, if I issue a subsequent update adding the following code to the RadPaneGroup, nothing updates due to the isolated storage on the users PC:

    <telerik:RadPane Header="Second Pane" telerik:RadDocking.SerializationTag="SecondPane"> 
    < /telerik:RadPane>

    Having searched for this problem, I found it has been a problem for several people - none of which found a solution. Several Telerik customer support people suggested that adding the RadPane's using the code-behind could solve the problem. I did this, and the problem is not fixed.

    How can I fix this issue? Is this a logged problem with Telerik as this link suggests ? This also shows a similar problem in WPF, for which there is a fix.

    Thanks very much for the help.

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