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  1. Brett
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    Posted 13 Apr 2008 Link to this post

    I started learning C# and ASP.NET about a month and half ago. The project I'm working on required a nice set of controls. I evaluated three different control sets before I purchased Telerik RadControls and I purchased it because Telerik's documentation is the best there is.

    While evaluating the different controls I did a side by side comparison on building what I was trying to do. I would think,  "How do I do this, how do I do that, etc.” Telerik was the only one I was able to get anything working. This was possible because of the excellent documentation.

     I had lots of different "How do I do this and that" questions, after spending probably an hour or two of reading the documentation I had about 95% of my project completed in about 40 minutes.

    Since I'm just a newbie, my decision to purchase Telerik's controls was also based on how well I'm able to understand the code in your online examples as well as your documentation. I assumed that if I can understand the code in the examples that it must be well written, if it's well written you must have some fairly decent programmer’s writing the controls as well.

    I also have to mention that the videos you offer on using your controls are excellent as well.

    For the record, the project that I'm working on isn't a simple one table project either, it has about 16 different tables and most of them are one-to-many relationships relating to each other in different ways. I also have the RadTabStrip, quite a few RadGrids, quite a few RadMultiPages, about 64 different RadTextBoxes, custom user control forms, several RadEditors, and the RadPanelbar. I’m using over 50% of the controls in the current project in one shape or form.

    All of which were built using the Prometheus controls, which are beta and I haven't ran into any issues related to it being a beta product either.

    It's simply amazing how well all of the different controls work together, but not only that, with my limited experience I was able to get 95% of what I wanted done in about 40 minutes after I read the documentation.

    Keep up the good work on the documentation and also how well the controls work. The documentation is really quite fun to read vs. the dry boring crap you get out of book or other vendors, after you're finished reading their documentation you say to yourself, "Oh, that's clear as mud, and it doesn't even work", while with Telerik's the light bulb turns on in your head and you go, "Ohhh, I get what they're doing and it actually works".

    I also have to mention that the forums are an excellent resource as well I was able to find many of the questions that I had in the forums too.



  2. Kevin
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    Posted 02 May 2008 Link to this post

    I concur.  I'm an intermediate level programmer and I find that other vendor's controls and documentation leaves me feeling dumber than when I started.  Telerik's help makes you see the light and feel productive and powerful.  Now if it could only help with the ladies...
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