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    I would like to make a suggestion for your control forums.  First off I have to agree with some of the other threads that searching as it currently is does not work.  There are way too many items(RadGrid > 9000) to find any useful information.  I think that this is causing people to bypass the search and just enter in a new thread.  I admit I am guilty of it. 

    I think what needs to happen on the threads is not only pick the control you want to open a thread on, but also what sub category you are looking for help on.  Your online help works great. There is a node called Controls which list the controls, then there is the name of the control, and under the control name you have the different categories.

    ie: RadGrid
          Grid Columns
          Grid Rows
    So when a user needs to submit a thread they are required to pick a category.  Then on the main forum page you can still have your TreeView of the Controls but each control would have child nodes of the categories that filtered what the user was seeing.  It the user selected the main RadGrid they would see all of them like they do now, but if they choose to see only Paging thread that is all they see.
    I really think that this is the only way that the forums are going to be able to maintain their usefulness.  I get so frustrated when I can not find something on WebUserControl edit forms and I do a search and get stuff about the menu or window.

    As for threads that are already there you can simply put them in the OTHER category and allow any new thread to implement this new technique. 

    Just my thoughts.

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