SQL Lite Querying, build an object with multiple results

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    I'm trying to build an object with multiple sqlite result sets, something along the lines of

    table1 = result of ("SELECT * FROM table1");
    table2 = result of ("SELECT * FROM table2");
    table3 = result of ("SELECT * FROM table3");
    table4 = result of ("SELECT * FROM table4");

    var obj = {
    'table1': table1,
    'table2': table2,
    'table3': table3,
    'table4': table4, 

    This seems like such a simple task yet can't find any examples of it anywhere. Everything is always one query at a time then calling a callback function to handle the single set of results.

    Any help much appreciated.

  2. Ivan
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    Perhaps the simplest approach to combine results from different queries is to use nested callbacks:

    db.transaction(function(tx) {
        tx.executeSql("select * from table1", [],
            function(tx, rs1) {
                tx.executeSql("select * from table2", [],
                    function(tx, rs2) {
                        var obj = {
                            rows1: rs1.rows,
                            rows2: rs2.rows

    This works, however if you need to execute many queries, the code can quickly become cumbersome.
    A better approach, which does not require such nesting of callbacks is to use jQuery Deffered Object:

    db.transaction(function(tx) {
        var q1 = executeQuery(tx, "select * from table1");
        var q2 = executeQuery(tx, "select * from table2");
        $.when(q1, q2)
         .done(function(rs1, rs2) {
            var obj = {
                rows1: rs1.rows,
                rows2: rs2.rows
    function executeQuery(tx, q) {
        var d = $.Deferred();
        tx.executeSql(q, [],
            function (tx, rs) {
            function (tx, e) {
        return d.promise();

    Hope this helps.

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