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  1. Josef Rogovsky
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    Posted 14 Jun 2006 Link to this post

    Just thought I'd mention that I noticed that the spell check dialog box (accompanying any rad.editor on the telerik site) is rendering funny lately. It kind of looks like part of the skin resources are missing or not loading correctly.

    To the telerik web masters... Did you ensure that you updated the radcontrols folder in the root of your web application when you upgraded the dll for rad.editor? ;)
  2. Natalie Farah
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    Posted 16 Jun 2006 Link to this post

    Hello Josef,

    Thanks for mentioning this problem. At the beginning of this week we uploaded some changes on our website and it seems there are a few minor lapses. We are going to fix the formatting of the r.a.d.spell on the website ASAP.

    Kind regards,
    Natalie Farah
    the telerik team
  3. Josef Rogovsky
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    Sep 2012

    Posted 19 Jun 2006 Link to this post

    Hi Natalie,

    It's better now, but not perfect.

    When the spell check dialog box renders the "undo" button, which is initially disabled, renders out of line with the "close" button. Also, it looks like the css is wrong because the image of the button seems to be repeating for a few pixels in the x and y directions. After clicking "ignore" the first time the undo button corrects itself.

    Also, and this is the real reason I decided to make a follow up post in this thread, I just posted a feature request for one of the controls and I noticed that the dropdownlist of telerik controls (used to indicate the control the request is being made for) is overlaying the title bar of the spell check dialog box.

    I remember making a support ticket about this type of thing once when a telerik menu was rendering below a dropdownlist. The answer I got was that it was a z-order bug in IE and the recommendation was that I use a rad.combobox as that would render below the menu.

    I don't remember seeing that problem before on telerik's site so maybe I just didn't notice it or maybe you've switch from using a rad.combobox yourself to using an asp.dropdownlist.

    Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.
  4. Rumen
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    Posted 21 Jun 2006 Link to this post

    Hi Josef,

    Up to the problems:
    1. [Undo button] Thank you for pointing out this issue. I notified our web team and my colleagues will try to solve it soon.
    2. [Dropdowns overlay the title bar of the spell check dialog box] - r.a.d.spell's dialog titlebar does not overlay IE v6.0 "windowed" dropdowns, list elements, flash animations, etc. These elements do not have z-index and they are always displayed over all HTML elements. We know a workaround for the problem but it provides side effects such as problems with the rendering of the dropdowns.

      Because this workaround is not the perfect, we have provided a public property of the spell's special dialogs - UseClassicDialogs - which allows you to choose the type of the window for the r.a.d.spell's dialogs. If set to false, a real browser modal window will be used instead of the default custom dialog window.

      Additionally the overlay problems do not exist under Gecko based browsers and in the upcoming IE7 this problem is fixed. You can find more information in the following MSDN blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2006/01/17/514076.aspx.

    Kind regards,

    the telerik team

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