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  1. Simeon
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    Posted 19 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    Hi there,
    I'm new in the Open Access ORM and testing the base functionalities. In my first steps i need for your assistance:
    I'm binding a table to a RadGridView, so everything is fine, i can edit the values in the grid and send it back in to database trough .SaveChanges() method.
    Next wich appeared in my mind is case on wich i want to change a column in the gridview with a combobox column with values from another related table. For example if i have two tables:
    Products {
    } and
    Countries {
    I want to change the OriginCountryId values in Products GridView/Database table trough select a CountryName from combobox in the grid. I know that there is a way to do this with standard coding but wondering is there a way in wich ORM/LINQ gives a better solution.
  2. Viktor Zhivkov
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    Posted 20 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Simeon,

    Thank you for your interest in our product!

    In order to assist you I would like to ask you which RadGridView control are you using? Telerik provides WPF, Silverlight and Windows Forms controls with the same name and they require a bit different approach in order to achieve your desired result.

    I would like to invite you to our dedicated customer support system that you can use during your OpenAccess trial period.
    All the best,
    Viktor Zhivkov
    the Telerik team
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  3. Simeon
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    Posted 21 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Viktor,
    Thank you for your quick replay. According to your suggestion i will send my question as a support ticket. Just for information my question was related to Winforms RadGridView.
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