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    Some minor suggestions:

    1) sub-skins for menus.   i.e be able to specify a different skin for each menu level without creating custom skins.  This would be handy especially when the topmost menu is defined with the transparent skin but you want the submenus to have some zazz...  For now css styling works fine but would be nice to eventually be able to quickly change skins to one of the defined ones on the fly. (yes I know this would probably  be a major pain to implement :P )

    2) radwindows positioning.  Currently you can anchor said window to a parent element, but it would be nice when the parent moves (from the user changing the browser size), the radwindow moves with it.  ie. if page is defined with auto margin to center in browser, resizing the browser will move everything except the rad window :<   

    3) radwindow position viewstate.  if a page is reloaded it would be nice if the control could keep its previous position (user positioned) rather than resetting to its default position.  this could be done with temporary cookies but would be nice to have the feature built in.

    Thanks.  - H .'.
  2. Ivan Zhekov
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    Hi Henry,

    Straight to each point:

    1 - RadMenu subskins -- that's not really possible, or at least not in the way you may perceive it. In reality skins are just css class names that cascade certain appearance. That is to say, if you add custom class names to each sub menu then you could customize its look.

    In addition, you may use a single menu for the menu bar and then context menus for the popups. That will effectively leave you with as many skins as there are menus.

    2 - RadWindow position in the center - you can use the approach from this KB article to recenter the popup with each browser resize. Instead of changing the size you can only call the center() method. Or first get the current bounds (see the getWindowBounds() method from the client-side API of the control) and then use the moveTo() method to set a new position for the control. You can also try overriding its position to fixed but I cannot guarantee it will work properly and that it will not be reset on certain user interactions with the control.
    Generally a popup is not a part of the layout of the page and thus it should not be affected by changes there.

    3 - storing the RadWindow position - it can already be done by the RadWindowManager for the RadWindows in its Windows collection exactly through a cookie, by setting the PreserveClientState property to true. You can also consider this example for using the RadPersistenceFramework.

    Ivan Zhekov
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