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  1. Daniele
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    Posted 20 Jun 2012 Link to this post

    I've used for some day you software, and it's very cool! Good Work!

    I wanna report some bug I've found and some new feature I think could help the developers

    Sometime when I leave the graphite open, and come back using it, the debugger not respond, and after a F5, it give me, in the body tag of the html "Error -105 when loading url http://local/index.html".
    To be able to return to use it, I have to close graphite complitly.

    The tabulation in the graphite editor give me some problem:
    -First, when you go to a new line, it insert a new line at the same width of the previous, but using space, insted of "tab char", that can be delete more speedly (all the other editor use tab char and not space)
    -Second, sometime when I go to a new line, it add some more space (not always, but sometimes)

    When you double click a variable that have a _ to select it, only one part is selected, insted of the all variable

    +1 for the cordova module support (I need the notification push module, for android and iosx)

    Some other settings like the permission/feature used or other thing that is added in the xml config in cordova. (I don't wanna use the contact for example, and the user can decide to not download my app 'couse it access to some feature that i don't use, and user think I don't have to use)

    +1 for the osx version of graphite (I know that I can use the online app version, but is more confortable and speedly the graphite version)

    Why not integrate the remote compile command in graphite? (using a little popup page that show the html site, for example)

    Why not integrate some library reference for the most used js framework (jQuery, jQuery-Mobile...) and the basic js? I mean that when you are typing, the editor suggest to you the command, and when you are on it (or inside his bracket) it suggest to you the input and output info and a description of the function.
    For example, if I'm on $().hide(), a tooltip is showed with "Function to Hide a DOM Element, (delay), delay - time that jquery take to do the animation"
    And finally add to the "Find Usage" command some info or a link to open the relative online info

    Similar to the previous, but with the function declared in the javascript (like the find usage command, but with a tooltip)

    Why not integrate the jsbeutifier (and same for css and html) as a command, so a user can re-beutify it's code

    Why not create in graphite and "offline" version? The file is downloaded locally and, if you open the software and you aren't online, you can continue working.
    When you return online, using the diff tool you can upload your change.

    Finally 3 question:
    -How often do you update the cordova lib? The 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 is out now ;-)
    -What I have to do when I've finished my work and wanna publich in the Apple store / Play market? I see only "debug" compilation, not final compilation. There will be any utility in future that can help the developer to send the app or the update to the market?
    -Will the service in future have a cost?

    Thanks and again, Good Work ;-)
    Daniele Mantovani
  2. sdobrev
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    Posted 21 Jun 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Daniele,

    Thanks for your great feedback. It is much appreciated. Now onto your questions:

    ·         Do you have specific steps to reproduce the Graphite Simulator issue? If you close the simulator window and then open it again what happens?

    ·         About code indentation:

    o    We have already logged in our backlog ability to specify what characters to use for indentation: tabs or spaces. We all known that everybody has opinion on this :)

    o    Adding more spaces is a feature we call smart indent. It checks your surrounding scope and indents your code according to it. For example if you write {} in JavaScript and hit enter between them we will indent your code knowing that this is what is expected from the developer.

    ·         Double clicking on an identifier starting with underscore should definitely select it. I have logged this in our bug tracking system. Thanks for spotting it.

    ·         Support for Cordova plugins is on its way. Stay tuned.

    ·         Support for application XML configuration (device orientation, enabled services – GPS, Contacts, etc.) is also planned.

    ·         OS X version is something that we want you the community to drive us there. If it is highly desired it will be alive sooner. We also want to see Icenium on those great Retina MacBooks J

    ·         Why not integrate the remote compile command in graphite?­ – can you elaborate on this one.

    ·         Providing IntelliSense like support for common JS framework is also on the backlog list.

    ·         Integrating tools like js-beautify is something that we have also discussed internally. I cannot share more about it, but we are thinking about this as well.

    ·         Offline support is also in our backlog for Graphite. It is a huge peace of work and again we are leaning towards the community for its priority.

    ·         We have already updating and testing the latest Cordova version internally. We definitely want to be “in-sync” with Cordova releases.

    ·         Publish to app store is in our backlog with very high priority. Stay tuned.

    ·         Will the service in future have a cost? - We are actively discussing this internally. Actually I’m just going to attend a meeting about this. For now you can read more about this on our FAQ page here.

    Thanks again for your valuable feedback. Please keep it coming and stay tuned J

  3. Daniele
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    Posted 28 Jun 2012 Link to this post

    Some other thing i've found using your sw

    -On graphite:
    Leave the simulator and debugger opened for a time major than 15min, without using it.
    Turn back to the pc and start write some code.
    Save the code, and you see that the simulator are update and the debugger not.
    Press F5 on the debugger
    The "Error -105 when loading url http://local/index.html" is loaded.

    To have that work again you have to close the debugger, close the simulator, reopen the simulator and next the debugger

    -This happen to me once on graphite:
    I have copied a function and pasted below it. When i've pasted, the code highlighting on that file stopped working and the pasted function was not highlighting .
    I've close the file and reopend but the code highlight still wasn't working on that file.
    I've made some modification to that file and some other, and the simulator show me that modification, but the code highlight still wasn't working.
    So i've closed the app and reopened.
    The code highlight restart working but the file modification was not committed to the cloud
    Don't know how to reproduce again

    -Sometime the indent bug still happen when (I copy-paste a code and sometime take a random indent)

    -An Autohide for the file panel would be a great thing

    -A "run when save" switch (on the button area) would be very useful, 'couse sometime I wanna create a new function, to do that I write to more that one file (in different time), and when i wanna save, I don't wanna have the device/simulator update constantly

    -Graphite Sometime it lost the windows position and size when you reopen

    -The android (samsung galaxy s2) log of the attach device not work and it's blank (the ddms read it, so it's working)

    -A "save the project to zip" or "commit project to github" feature could be very useful in some situation

    -The simulator for android don't have the physical button simulation (back, search...)

    -Will the android setting section be improved? (like on ios, so you can choose splash screen or other setting)

    -Can in future you force (ios seem that can) the app orientation? (landscape/portrait)

    -A compatibility checker would be very useful:
    That function check all the function you have used and control if it work on a device, so you can see (in a list?) which function don't work on a device (example: on windows phone the sqlite don't work)

    -Will the blackberry & windows phone be integrated in the compilation/support in future?

    Finally, now I have a semi-ended work, and wanna try to publish it, but i miss some plugin (push notification & sharing menu) and the "compile for appstore" function
    Any news about when it will become available? 'couse if it's a long time, i have to download all my proj and build locally (and loose all the icenium magic ;-)

    Thanks Again!
  4. Daniele
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    Posted 03 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    An other little thing:
    Multi-collaboration on a project:
    at the moment I need to share my login data with the graphic, but I wanna have the possibility to share with the graphic the project (or part of the project, deny to him for example the js folder)

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