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    1. Is there any way to smoothly scroll to an item ? Could be a nice feature.
              -> List is small < 50 items, so any potential virtualization issues can be ignored

    2. Do animations play for items that are not in viewPort box?
    For example i have 20 items in list, 5 of them are visible. I want to jump to item #7. I do this via BringIntoView, and i can see items 3,4,5 are animated, and 6,7 are not and shown immediately. This seems a reasonable optimization, but is there any way to change the behavior ?

    3. Is there way to use EmptyContentTemplate for the case when ItemsSource is null only.
             -> Currently there are two options
                    1.  ItemsSource null OR 0 items in it
                    2.  0 items in ItemsSource

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    1. Currently there is no way to scroll to an item via an animation, i.e. animate the scroll offset so that a given item is brought into the viewport. We might consider this as an option for one of our next releases since it makes since to be able to animate to an item that is already realized.

    2. As you have already guessed, animations are played only for items that are visible in the viewport. It is possible for us to update the behavior of the control to animate all items that are realized so that if you scroll to another item that is not visible in the viewport but it's realized - it is also animated. This will not work for items that are not realized however.

    3. We will consider this suggestion and will extend the options provided by the EmptyContentDisplayMode to support the mentioned case.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Let me know in case you have further questions or need assistance.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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