Skins on Postback and PanelBar/Menu conflict

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    Posted 02 Feb 2007 Link to this post

    Hi all, I am rather new to skinning of the rad controls and I am having a couple problems.

    First of all, I am just toying around with the tools to see what I can accomplish. I have started with a master page with a table that has looks like this.

    |          Menu          |
    |   Panel  |   Main    |
    |             |             |

    Yippee for ASCII art.

    Anyway the menu is a radMenu contained in a separate user control, the panel is a radPanelBar contained in a separate user control, and the main is where I am loading various other user controls. One of the things I have done is create a control to change the site’s appearance using various skins common to all controls. *** As a side note I would love to see more common skins, I only saw 6 skins that are common to every control. ***

    In trying to change the skins I would update the control’s skin property and refresh the page, this caused the controls to loose all styling. A coworker had the same problem and pointed me to a solution where if I linked the appropriate style sheet on the master page then changing skins, it would work. My first question is this: Can I achieve the changing of skins without having to link the style sheet.

    Now because I am having to link the style sheets I run into a confliction with the menu and panelbar. When I implemented the menu and included the style sheets for it, my panelbar began to have problems. The panel bar uses ExpandMode=”FullExpandedItem” but now appears as a bulleted list with no expanding happening. When I remove the menu style sheet references on the master page, the panel bar works as intended. My second question is if I have to link the style sheets, how do I avoid this confliction. I have tried to move the links to the menu control page but this does not work either.

    I hope I have given enough information to explain my situation but I will further clarify if necessary. Thanks in advance.

  2. Rosi
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    Posted 06 Feb 2007 Link to this post

    Hello Andrew,

    We are not sure where the problem could be.

    One possible reason for this behavior is if you use ASP .NET AJAX. In this case you should set runat="server" in the head tag of the page. If this does not help, could you please send us a small and running project that best exhibits the problem? Thus it will be easier for us to see the problem and try to find a working solution asap. Just open a support ticket and attach it there.

    We apologize for the additional loop required, but without this information we cannot provide you specific instructions on how to resolve the problem.

    Looking forward to your reply, Rosi
    the telerik team
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