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      In SideDrawer overview, I found ios displays different from android .Can IOS have the shade to the left part view  like android? 
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    This behavior has been related to some differences of the both platforms.
    This shade has been shown in Android by default, however, iOS native sideDrawer do not have such a shade, which hovers the Layout. For your help, I have logged a new issue in UI for NativeScript feedback repository. You could keep track on the issue.
    What you could do for iOS is to set additional Layout with rgba backgroundColor, which could be shown, when the drawer has been opened and to hide it when it has been closed.
    For example:

          <drawer:RadSideDrawer id="sideDrawer">
              <StackLayout cssClass="drawerContent">
                <StackLayout cssClass="headerContent">
                  <Label text="Navigation Menu"/>
                <StackLayout cssClass="drawerMenuContent">
                  <Label text="Primary" cssClass="drawerSectionHeader" />
                  <Label text="Social" cssClass="drawerSectionItem" />
                  <Label text="Promotions" cssClass="drawerSectionItem" />
                  <Label text="Labels" cssClass="drawerSectionHeader" />
                  <Label text="Important" cssClass="drawerSectionItem" />
                  <Label text="Starred" cssClass="drawerSectionItem" />
                  <Label text="Sent Mail" cssClass="drawerSectionItem" />
                  <Label text="Drafts" cssClass="drawerSectionItem" />
                <Button text="Close Drawer" tap="{{ onCloseDrawerTap }}"/>
    <GridLayout rows="*" columns="*">
        <StackLayout row="0" col="0" cssClass="mainContent">
          <Label text="{{ mainContentText }}" textWrap="true" cssClass="drawerContentText"/>
          <Button text="Open drawer" tap="{{ onOpenDrawerTap }}" cssClass="drawerContentButton"/>
        <StackLayout visibility="{{ isItemVisible ? 'visible' : 'collapsed' }}" backgroundColor="rgba(140, 114, 114, 0.5)" row="0" col="0">

    Hope this helps.
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