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    We produce a series of SharePoint iframed web parts that are used on a SharePoint platform. The aspx pages use a combination of Telerik ASP.NET controls, other vendors (legacy) ASP.NET controls and Telerik Silverlight controls.
    We are gradually replacing the other vendor legacy ASP.NET controls with Telerik controls so that we have a consistant set of controls from one vendor through the product. This is mainly driven by problems we have managing style across all the controls as they all maintain style in different places.

    We are starting a project to provide these web parts on the SharePoint 2010 platform, and one of the outcomes we are looking to achieve (over time) is to centralise style into one place. This style centralisation would include ASP.NET controls, SIlverlight (hopefully) and SharePoint style.
    Now along with this we hoping to be able to allow the SharePoint administrators to be able to theme the portal for their needs using the built in theme UI in SharePoint

    What I am looking for advice on it how to best achieve this, hopefully by bring all this style back under control of a few (??) style elements that are controlled through the SP2010 theme UI.

    Any suggestions or guidence would be most appreciated

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    Hi Craig,

    As you may know SharePoint 2010 comes with considerably new theme support. Themes are now packaged using the Office Open XML format as .THMX files. THMX files are ZIP files that combine XML definitions for the theme styles, and image resources according to the standards.
    For more detailed information about SP2010 Themes you can refer to:
    Creating Document Themes with the Office Open XML Formats

    If you are aiming to get a consistent visual appearance of SP2010 layout and Telerik's WebParts you can achieve it by creating custom skins /for the controls/ that have the same appearance and name as the Themes loaded in SP2010.
    More information about how our skins work and creating custom skins can be found here:

    How skins work
    Creating a custom skin

    Once having the custom skin you need to register it /load css files and images/ and set a skin name to the control. More about loading custom skins ->

    So far, this is the mechanism for achieving visual style compatibility. Hope this helps!

    All the best,
    Vasil Yordanov, UX Team
    the Telerik team

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