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  1. Iftekhar Ivaan
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    I am trying to do a self-referenced class where the class is referencing itself. Following is what I have done.
    parent is the self reference to do the parent child. It works but I am having problem when I am trying to find all the child for a class.

    string query = "SELECT * FROM RequirementExtent d where d.parent = " + br.Dbid ;
    IQueryResult result = scope.GetOqlQuery(query).Execute();


    var tmp = from b in scope.Extent<Requirement>() where b.Parent == lookingfor select b;

    both are not working.

    what is the best way to get all the child for a object.

    public partial class Requirement
            public int requirementDbid = -1;
     public Requirement parent = null;
            public String name = null;
            public String description = null;
            public DateTime createdOn;
            public User createdBy = null;
            public DateTime? modifiedOn;
            public User modifiedBy = null;


  2. Zoran
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    Hello Iftekhar Ivaan,

    The most probable reason for the behavior you are experiencing is the definition of your class. OpenAccess currently does not work properly when the persistent class is defined with public fields. The approach that should be used is declaring a private field and a property wrapper for it. Than you can use the property in your queries by attaching the filed alias attribute that points to the field that the property represents.

    For example:       private string name;

                                   public string Name
                                          get{ return;}
                                          set{ = value;}

    If you have any further issues achieving your goal please feel free to contact us later or even send us your sample project.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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