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Ajay asked on 20 Jul 2011, 04:13 PM
I am facing some strange problems
1. When I enable Paging on Scroll, numeric pager ceases to function. Numeric Pager works if paging on scroll is disabled.
2. When I bind an script to databind event,  the grid does not load (Ajax loading). The grid works if this event is not enabled
3. Strangely I have to register common.js and common.min.js both, in order for the Chart to work? (Cross post)
All the  views are partial views (ascx).
I use Q2 2011 Hotfix 720.
Here is my Site.Master
<%@ Master Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewMasterPage" %>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html lang="en-US" xmlns="">
<head runat="server">
    <%= Html.Telerik().StyleSheetRegistrar()
                      .DefaultGroup(group => group
                                  .Add("telerik." + Html.GetCurrentTheme() + ".css")
    <asp:ContentPlaceHolder runat="server" ID="HeadContent" />
    <asp:ContentPlaceHolder runat="server" ID="TitleContent" />
    <% Html.RenderPartial("Header"); %>
    <div id="page">
        <h1 id="title">
            <%= Html.ActionLink("Metator Dominus Energy Dashboard", "Index", "Home") %></h1>
        <a id="version" href="http://Index.aspx">
            <%-- <%= Html.ProductVersion()%>  "Any special Links here"--%>
        <div id="main">
            <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="MainContent" runat="server" />
            <div class="corner rc-bottomleft">
            <div class="corner rc-bottomright">
        <% Html.RenderPartial("LeftNavigation"); %>
        <% Html.RenderPartial("TopNavigation"); %>
        <% Html.RenderPartial("Footer"); %>
    <% Html.Telerik().ScriptRegistrar()
                     .DefaultGroup(group => group
                     .Add("telerik.common.js") /* this file is required by all Telerik UI components and must be included first */
                      .Add("telerik.calendar.min.js") // (if there are columns bound to DateTime or DateTime? property)
                       .Add("telerik.draganddrop.min.js") /* common drag and drop library (required for grouping) */
                       .Add("telerik.grid.grouping.min.js")  /* grid grouping JavaScript file */
                       .Add("telerik.window.min.js ")
                     .OnDocumentReady(() =>
                     { %>prettyPrint();<% })
    <%--<% Html.RenderPartial("GoogleAnalytics"); %>--%>

Am I missing something?
Any suggestions are welcome

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