"Request was retried after a Receive operation failed"

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  1. Conan
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    Nov 2014

    Posted 14 Nov 2014 Link to this post

    In trying to diagnose some request/response oddities from one of our web pages with Fiddler, I discovered that on some requests the Statistics tab would have this note listed:

    "NOTE: This request was retried after a Receive operation failed."

    Can anybody shed a little light on what this means? Whatever it is, it's not repeatable. Sometimes I get that message, and sometimes I don't. The request is going to an Apache web server that's then proxying the request to a Tomcat server.

    The first part of the Statistics tab output looks like this:

    Request Count:   1
    Bytes Sent:      1,333 (headers:1,333; body:0)
    Bytes Received:  10,243 (headers:776; body:9,467)


    NOTE: This request was retried after a Receive operation failed.

    ClientConnected: 00:37:16.488
    ClientBeginRequest: 00:37:42.189
    GotRequestHeaders: 00:37:42.190
    ClientDoneRequest: 00:37:42.190
    Determine Gateway: 0ms
    DNS Lookup: 17ms
    TCP/IP Connect: 20ms
    HTTPS Handshake: 0ms
    ServerConnected: 00:37:42.228
    FiddlerBeginRequest: 00:37:42.228
    ServerGotRequest: 00:37:42.228
    ServerBeginResponse: 00:37:42.190
    GotResponseHeaders: 00:37:42.265
    ServerDoneResponse: 00:37:42.266
    ClientBeginResponse: 00:37:42.266
    ClientDoneResponse: 00:37:42.266

    Overall Elapsed: 0:00:00.077

  2. Eric Lawrence
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    Posted 14 Nov 2014 Link to this post

    Hi, Conan--

    This suggests either a bug in the Apache or Tomcat server, or a failure in your network equipment.

    It means:

    1> Fiddler got a request from the client.
    2> It sent it to the server over an existing connection.
    3> It began to listen for a response.
    4> Before the response was received, the server connection was closed or was reset.
    5> Fiddler created a new connection to the server
    6> Fiddler sent the request and most likely (unless the response shows HTTP/502) got the response shown in Fiddler.

    Eric Lawrence

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  3. Conan
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    Nov 2014

    Posted 14 Nov 2014 in reply to Eric Lawrence Link to this post

    Thanks for the quick response, Eric, that's very helpful. We're looking into it.
  4. Kevin
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    Dec 2014

    Posted 12 Dec 2014 Link to this post

    Here is a common cause of this message.

    You have a load balancer between the PC and the server.  The server is configured to drop the connection after sending the response.  (i.e. The server is not supporting reuse of the connection for the next request.)  But the load balancer is not sending the RST along to the client.

    Consequently, when the client sends the next request, the LB says, "I don't have a connection to the server" and sends a RST to the client.  Then the client has to re-issue the request on a new connection.

    I've seen this happen with multiple servers, but I can't remember what we did to solve it.  :-(
  5. Kees
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    Dec 2014

    Posted 17 Dec 2014 Link to this post

    I am having the same problem issues:

    Request Count:   1
    Bytes Sent:      484        (headers:471; body:13)
    Bytes Received:  3.050        (headers:331; body:2.719)


    NOTE: This request was retried after a Receive operation failed.

    ClientConnected:    19:06:29.430
    ClientBeginRequest:    19:06:45.955
    GotRequestHeaders:    19:06:45.955
    ClientDoneRequest:    19:06:45.956
    Determine Gateway:    0ms
    DNS Lookup:         0ms
    TCP/IP Connect:    20ms
    HTTPS Handshake:    0ms
    ServerConnected:    19:06:45.976
    FiddlerBeginRequest:    19:06:45.976
    ServerGotRequest:    19:06:45.976
    ServerBeginResponse:    19:06:45.956
    GotResponseHeaders:    19:06:46.038
    ServerDoneResponse:    19:06:46.049
    ClientBeginResponse:    19:06:46.049
    ClientDoneResponse:    19:06:46.049

        Overall Elapsed:    0:00:00.094

    RESPONSE BYTES (by Content-Type)
    text/html: 2.719
    ~headers~: 331

    Not using any loadbalancer.

    Did you manage to find the problem Conan?

  6. Joe Sugden
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    Feb 2010

    Posted 15 Feb Link to this post


    I am using latest version (4).

    How do I configure Fiddler to NOT retry after a Receive operation fails? - I need to see the details of the original failed request, not the replayed one.


  7. Alexander
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    Posted 26 Feb Link to this post


    You can achieve that with FiddlerScript. Open the FiddlerScript editor of your choice (either the FiddlerScript tab on the right or Rules -> Customize Rules) and find the commented OnBoot method. Uncomment it and change it like so:

    static function OnBoot() {
        CONFIG.RetryOnReceiveFailure = RetryMode.Never;

    Save the changes and restart Fiddler.

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