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  1. subu
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    Data in the database changes due to inserts and updates made by several users. The Silverlight Front end Charts, when the user in on a reports page, which shows the Graphical representation SHOULD SHOW IN REAL TIME the changes in the database. NOT A TIMER. Can we do this? If so, kindly show documentation on this.
    Thank you,
    Subu Mysore
  2. Bartholomeo Rocca
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    Hello Subu,

    Based on your description it seems you are trying to implement some kind of push notification mechanism in Silverlight -- you can check this article here to get you started. Also, I would still recommend going over the RadChart databinding help articles here to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts as well.

  3. Mads
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    Thanks for the links. I am looking to do something similar.
    So lets say that you build a WCF Service that expose data and pushes at a given interval. Will you be able to exerience real time chart push/updates on Kendo UI Chart while viewing this on an iOS device?


  4. Alexander Valchev
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    Hello Mads,

    KendoUI Charts are designed to work with local or remote Json/XML data received through standard Ajax requests. As I understood it you would like to use a different approach - push mechanism which is not supported out of the box.

    In other words if you are able to retrieve successfully the data on the client, you should use the dataSource API methods to manually modify Chart's data - once the DataSource is changed the widget will automatically refresh.

    If your aim is to create a hybrid mobile application with KendoUI Mobile and DataViz Charts you should use PhoneGap (Cordova). For more information please check the KendoUI Mobile FAQ section.
    I believe that you may also find this tutorial helpful.

    Kind regards,
    Alexander Valchev
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