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  1. Arup
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    Posted 03 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    I am using RadTimePicker and facing some trouble. Please address these issues
    1. How to open a RadTimePicker programatically? I tried using IsPopupOpen = true in C# but no effect.
    2. When the Picker is open, there are two buttons in the application bar: 'done' and 'cancel'. Pressing any of those calls my EventHandler timePicker_PopupClosing. But how should I distinguish whether 'done' was clicked or 'cancel'?
    3. Specifically, I need the time picker to show time in an interval of 15 minutes. So I assigned Step="10/3/2013 1:15:00 AM". But now, the minute selector is not looping.
    4. I need whenever timepicker is opened, the next 15 minutes modulo time is shown by default. For e.g., if its 6:17 AM, I want to show the default time in time picker as 6:30 AM. How should I do that?
    5. Finally, I need to clear the value in time picker and show text "Select time" in that case. I am setting the value as null but not have the desired effect.

    Please help me in sorting out these minor issues. Thanks in advance.
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    Kiril Stanoev
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    Posted 04 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Arup,

    The attached project targets each of your questions.

    1. I couldn't reproduce the issue. If you examine the attached project, you can see that TimePicker can be opened programatically without any issues.

    2. The attached project demonstrates how to distinguish between the OK and Cancel buttons.

    3. Again, I was unable to reproduce this issue as well. Setting a Step="1:15:00" made the TimePicker behave as expected: http://screencast.com/t/KjPr1EK4A

    4. Please examine the GetModuloTime method inside the attached project.

    5. Setting the Value property to null properly displays "Select time": http://screencast.com/t/Sk6UPF3PactM

    Kiril Stanoev
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  3. Arup
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    Posted 04 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Thanks Kiril! You are great!
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