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    we have done all this but still slow scrolling and stuck:
    • The GridView is placed in a control that measures its children with infinity - such controls are ScrollViewer, StackPanel (when vertical it measures with infinite height and when horizontal - with infinite width), and Grid with RowDefinition Height="Auto" or ColumnDefinition Width="Auto". When RadGridView (or any other grid) is measured with infinity virtualization is turned off which results in reduced performance. Modify your code so that RadGridView is placed in a container that will not measure it with infinity and the performance will be back to normal.
    • Binding to complex properties - If you bind to complex property (sub property) the RadGridView have to use bindings to get the value for the cell. The better performance will be achieved if you bind to a simple property because we will use lambda to get the value. Using lambdas is much faster than bindings.
    • Converters - using converters will slow you down because RadGridView will call them.
    • CellTemplates - using CellTemplates is a time consuming operation. If applicable, try to stick to the Default Templates.
    • AlternateRowStyle - using AlternateRowStyle is a time consuming operation. If you just need to set the background of the alternating rows we recommend using the AlternateRowBackground property.
    • RowStyle - using the RowStyle is a time consuming operation (but was the only alternative in Silverlight 3). Please use implicit styles


    could it be our implicit styles, we change some colors only?
    could it be that we are still using version 2011.1.419.1040?
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