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RadDatagrid sizing bug

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Miquel asked on 15 Dec 2016, 08:37 AM

I’m using telerik RadDataGrid in a page.xaml (UWP project) and I need some help with a couple of problems. This is my RadDataGrid:

        <telerikGrid:RadDataGrid Margin="30"
              ItemsSource="{Binding ActivitiesList}"

           <telerikGrid:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="Identifier"  Header="Id Registro"/>
           <telerikGrid:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="CountryText"  Header="País"/>
           <telerikGrid:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="ProductText"  Header="Producto"/>
           <telerikGrid:DataGridDateColumn PropertyName="DateReception" Header="Fecha"/>
           <telerikGrid:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="DealerText" Header="Distribuidor"/>
           <telerikGrid:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="Comment"  Header="Comentarios"/>

In code behind I full the ActivitiesList, so the list have about 10 elements.
    public ObservableCollection<Activity> ActivitiesList { get; set;}
    private void LoadDatabase()
      ActivitiesList = new ObservableCollection<Activity>();
      foreach (var item in Database.ActivitiesDB.Where(x=> x.Status == A                        ctivityStatus.Finalizado))

The list is shown correctly. But the problems appear later.

1-      If I modify the size of the window, sometimes appears the bug:
"Layout cycle detected. Layout could not complete"

2-      After fix the size of the raddatagrid, Height="300" Width="500"; if I play with the vertical scrollbar, sometimes (depends on the grid size configured) appear the bug:

"Index was outside the bounds of the array"

3-      I’ve tried to modify the configuration of the scrollviewer, and it seems to not have effect in my view; for instance:
I configure ScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Hidden", but I see "Auto" configuration.

I have more datagrids, and the problema seems appear only in some cases.
I’m waiting your feedback,
Thanks a lot

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Lance | Senior Manager Technical Support
Telerik team
answered on 15 Dec 2016, 04:06 PM
Hello Miguel,

Thank you for reporting this, we are aware of the issue and the engineering team is looking at it now. Since you have also opened a Support Ticket for the same issue, the developers will respond in your ticket instead.

If the investigation uncovers an resolution that would be helpful for the community, I will come back and post a response here.

Lance | Tech Support Engineer, Sr.
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Lance | Senior Manager Technical Support
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