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RadControls for WinForms Q1 2007 has been released!

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Telerik Admin asked on 23 Apr 2007, 08:27 PM

Telerik is thrilled to unveil a landmark Q1 2007 release, which outlines the next steps in the company’s strategic direction. Q1 2007 is the biggest release for Telerik to date, including RadControls for ASP.NET, RadControls for WinForms, the first official version of Telerik Reporting, as well as a brand new suite code-named RadControls “Prometheus” for ASP.NET.

One of the focal points of the the release is the expansion of the RadControls suite for WinForms, the first Vista-style UI suite for desktop development. Three new major controls have been added to the UI suite – RadGridView, RadTreeView, and RadChart. Unified by the Telerik Presentation Framework, the new products should deliver unprecedented performance and extensibility, combined with unique Vista-style features like scaling, rotation, Flash-like animations, transparencies, alpha blending etc.

The new RadControls Q1 2007 version is now available for download from your Client.Net accounts!

RadControls for WinForms Q1 2007 release notes:

  1. New Controls
    • Chart 
    • GridView 
    • TreeView
  2. Installation and general issues:
    • Extending smart-tag functionality 
    • Fixed Localization problems for all controls 
    • Image scaling and options for all Controls (with ImagePrimitive) 
    • New Shape Editor 
  3. Visual Style Builder 
    • [new] Copy/paste of State properties and conditions 
    • Now saves the dockable window's layout 
  4. ComboBox 
    • Support for adding items when the combo is bound to data 
    • Fixed: The items in the Items collection don't appear after removing the DataSource 
  5. Dock 
    • Closing tabs with the middle mouse button
    • Fixed: WebBrowser related problem with docking guides 
    • DockPanel in Floating mode 
    • Show content while dragging 
    • MDI MenuMerge 
    • Docking Observations 
    • Fixed some floating window serialization/deserialization problems 
  6. PanelBar 
    • Minor fixes in firing events 
  7. ToolStrip 
    • Added support for changing (localization) of the build-in captions used 
    • Fixed: Floating support  
    • Access to floating form properties 
  8. RibbonBar 
    • Added support for changing (localization) of build-in captions used 
    • Fixed: No smart tags for chunks 
    • MDI system menu support for RadRibbonBar 
    • Properties for hiding Maximize/Minimize/Close buttons in RadRibbonBar 
    • Added Telerik, Silver and Black themes for ToggleButton 
    • Appearance refined for all themes 
  9. TabStrip 
    • Fixed: Problems when add/remove tab items 
    • Fixed: Adding items to different tabs (default setup) 
    • Fixed: Floating mode image styles 
    • Fixed: Toggle buttons not behaving well in design mode 
  10. UI Buttons 
    • DropDownButton themes 
    • New Vista theme 
  11. UI ScrollPanel 
    • No support for rotated, scaled and elements with margins 
    • No support for Collapsed children 
    • Scroll barts Vista theme

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