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RadChart not sizing to parent container

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Phil asked on 03 Oct 2012, 07:32 AM
I am having a problem with a Silverlight RadChart not sizing correctly to the parent container Grid Cell

With the below XAML you can see in the attached images that the chart goes outside the constraints of the grid cell in both Visual Studio and when running in IE9.

Is there an option I have to explicitly set to get the chart to size correctly?

            <Grid x:Name="TotalFaultCustomerGrid" Grid.Row="1">
                    <RowDefinition Height="30"/>
                    <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>
                <TextBlock x:Name="CutomerFaultsTitle" Grid.Row="0" Text="Total Faults By Customer" FontSize="20"
                                Foreground="#FFD8D0D0" Margin="5" VerticalAlignment="Center"
                                HorizontalAlignment="Center" TextAlignment="Center" />   
                <telerik:RadChart x:Name="FaultCountByCustomerChart" Grid.Row="1"
                                    ItemsSource="{Binding FaultCountByCustomer}">
                            <telerik:ItemMapping FieldName="Business" DataPointMember="XCategory"/>
                            <telerik:ItemMapping FieldName="Faults" DataPointMember="YValue"/>
                                <telerik:ChartLegend x:Name="ChartLegend1" Visibility="Collapsed"/>
                            <telerik:ChartDefaultView.ChartArea >
                                <telerik:ChartArea Margin="0,0,0,-0.994">
                                    <telerik:ChartArea.AxisY >
                                        <telerik:AxisY StripLinesVisibility="Collapsed"/>
                                        <telerik:AxisX LabelRotationAngle="80"/>

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Petar Marchev
Telerik team
answered on 05 Oct 2012, 07:40 AM
Hello Phil,

Thank you for the attached code snippet. You need to set the Height of the second row definition to star (* instead of Auto). Let us know how it goes.

All the best,
Petar Marchev
the Telerik team

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Petar Marchev
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