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RadCartesianChart - ScatterDataPoint creates wrong lines

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Daniel asked on 05 Jul 2018, 03:43 PM

Hello, I've been using RadCartesianChart - ScatterDataPoint for a while.

Suddenly we see a bug, if the Y-points are too close it creates a downward line even though my series is always upwars.

Telerik version: 2014.3.1117.1050

Visual Studio 2013, C#, .Net 4.5

Simplified code:

<telerik:RadCartesianChart x:Name="reachChart" Palette="Windows8" Margin="5" Width="400" Height="300" HorizontalAlignment="Left" >
                        <telerik:LinearAxis LabelFitMode="Rotate" Title="Spots"  />

                        <telerik:LinearAxis  CharacterSpacing="5" Title="Reach" Maximum="100"/>

                        <telerik:ChartPanAndZoomBehavior ZoomMode="Both">

                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="0" YValue="0.595808435123127" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="1" YValue="6.40857507456429" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="2" YValue="10.7874762581006" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="3" YValue="10.9355727926498" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="4" YValue="11.4232622983719" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="5" YValue="37.1135592075762" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="6" YValue="53.4708788606977" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="7" YValue="58.2672001703236" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="8" YValue="67.9886722250221" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="9" YValue="70.6729054856796" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="10" YValue="72.3969782736748" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="11" YValue="75.3560253295018" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="12" YValue="78.3000266354069" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="13" YValue="80.7947176722326" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="14" YValue="81.9444140619138" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="15" YValue="83.2532801789221" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="16" YValue="84.1066680205583" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="17" YValue="85.3084937206220" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="18" YValue="86.919187461201" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="19" YValue="87.3705247001246" />
                                <telerik:ScatterDataPoint XValue="20" YValue="87.9815943850905" />


In my attached image you will see that between 3 and 4 makes a downward turn

thanks in advance for your help.


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Martin Ivanov
Telerik team
answered on 09 Jul 2018, 07:27 AM
Hello Daniel,

This is a know behavior and it comes by the algorithm we use to calculate the additional points to make the spline. Currently, there is no API to alter this. However, we have a feature request to allow setting the tension of the spline which could be useful in your case. You can find it logged in our feedback portal where you can track its status. 

Martin Ivanov
Progress Telerik
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Martin Ivanov
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