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    We have an old legacy Silverlight app we've been asked to try and add functionality.  Our Silverlight is a typical line of business app that has a sql backend and we use WCF services to interface with SQL.  We've been asked to come up with a way to display pdf files.  On our internal server, we have the pdf's stored and we can return them via a stream via WCF.  We can't just redirect users to an html page because of security reason.

    The overview is we have sales orders in a grid, we'll need to create a grid column that contains a ticket number.  The user will click on that if they want to see the ticket in pdf format.  The click will need to initiate a call to a service endpoint what will lookup the pdf file by ticket number and return it as a stream.  We need to then take that stream and display it in a now window.  I was thinking about a taking the stream, and opening up a Rad Window to display the PDF Viewer.  The controls we have from back then don't contain the PDF viewer.

    Is this doable, are there any samples I can use to show this is viable to put in a req for the new control?  Thanks

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    Hello Kris,

    All recent versions of Telerik UI for Silverlight contain both RadWindow control and RadPdfViewer control, so the scenario is feasible. You can check the Showing a File help article which list the different way to load a PDF file in RadPdfViewer, but it seems that in the described scenario you could use PdfDocumentSource:

    pdfViewer.DocumentSource = new PdfDocumentSource(stream);

    Working samples with RadPdfViewer could be found in the XAML SDK Repo, for example PdfViewer/First Look, and in the demos application (works only in supported browsers like Internet Explorer).

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