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    telerik is pleased to announce the availability of r.a.d.controls Q3 2006. With this milestone release telerik solidifies its position as the leading vendor of ASP.NET UI and sets new standards for stability and performance.

    “Throughout the years telerik has maintained an extremely aggressive release roadmap and gradually the r.a.d.controls suite has grown to be the most comprehensive toolset for professional ASP.NET development. Quantity is important, however, we’ve never forgotten that what makes a suite exceptional is quality“– says Atanas Korchev, General Product Manager, r.a.d.controls for ASP.NET. “For the Q3 2006 update we’ve spent a lot of time to polish all aspects of the product offering and further advance the developer experience and productivity – design-time improvements, bugfixes, optimizations, significantly richer documentation for most of the controls. I am most pleased with the progress we’ve made on the WYSIWYG design time support for VS 2005, including AutoFormat preview dialog. This new functionality allows for codeless property mapping and codeless databinding to all ASP.NET 2.0 declarative datasources - (AccessDataSource, ObjectDataSource, SqlDataSource, SiteMapDataSource, XmlDataSource)”

    In addition to the improvements covering the whole suite, telerik r.a.d.controls for ASP.NET Q3 adds a brand new splitter control and introduces some key updates of the grid, treeview, panelbar, combo and AJAX controls.

    telerik r.a.d.splitter, the newest member of the ASP.NET UI controls family, represents a content manager for creating versatile UI layouts which users can effectively manage just like in desktop applications. Some of the features of r.a.d.splitter include: resize modes, expand/collapse with sliding panes as well as support for loading of external content.

    The long-awaited r.a.d.grid 4.0 offers brand new virtual scrolling capabilities and support for self-referencing hierarchy. The self-referencing hierarchy allows you to build multiple levels of hierarchy from a single table in the grid source by specifying relations inside the same table. r.a.d.grid v4.0 now offers a completely codeless experience – from codeless AJAX support to codeless databinding, interface styling and customizing through an enhanced smart tag.

    The “No-code” approach is a key benefit of r.a.d.ajax 1.5. The telerik team improved the design-time experience to make it even easier for customers to AJAX-ify their apps in the Visual Studio.NET design-time. telerik’s codeless framework for AJAX development was also enhanced to provide support for web services and you can easily consume remote data with AJAX requests.

    In the Q3 2006 release telerik has continued its quest to deliver navigation controls with highly efficient semantic rendering and strong SEO support. Following the very successful r.a.d.tabstrip and r.a.d.menu releases, r.a.d.panelbar is also using list items rather than tables or DIVs to help cutting the HTML output with more than 70%.

    “Navigation components are a must for a huge percent of web applications, and unfortunately most of the time they are a reason for performance slowdowns” – says Atanas Korchev. “telerik navigation controls are optimized for extremely small footprint which makes them the trusted choice of professional ASP.NET developers: they are lightweight, they offer rich client-side capabilities and they run flawlessly on all modern browsers running on Windows, Linux and Mac. The telerik navigation controls bring another great benefit to the table - they can help you optimize your site SEO-wise. If you have precious info that needs to be indexed by Google and the only way to reach it is through postback – says Atanas - then it won’t be indexed. With our tools you can easily just create a sitemap of your site, bind a menu, with NavigateUrl per item set to the respective page, and that will do the trick. Our products will take care of the rest and your content will be indexed [and highly valued] by Google.”

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