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    We are considering purchasing Telerik for a project we will be starting at my company soon. 

    Originally the project manager was considering using Infragistics, however it was noted that since we're using very large DataSets (thousands of rows by upwards of thirty columns), and since the data presentation container will need to provide update functionality for each of these rows, this will require ViewState to be enabled.

    This in turn will most likely bloat our presentation layer beyond what is acceptable and negatively effect our page performance.

    How are these types of problems handled with Telerik controls?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Doug Dexter
  2. Sebastian
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    Hi Doug,

    Handling large datasets and performing data editing operations with our web grid can be done in several ways:

    • Enabling the built-in paging feature of the grid (thus displaying only part of the records at a time while operating with all of them in the background
    • Taking advantage of the virtual scrolling/paging feature of the control presented in this online demo. By this means the new records will be loaded on demand each time the vertical scroll is dragged by the user
    • Implementing custom paging to fetch only a fixed number of records and perform operations over this specified set of data.
    • Optimize additionally the loading time/control footprint after familiarizing with the techniques depicted in the Performance tips and tricks section from the online documentation:
    Best regards,
    the telerik team
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