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Q2 2010 Upgrade Issue
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Lee Weisenberger
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Lee Weisenberger asked on 22 Jul 2010, 04:54 PM
I'm having a problem with a chart in my application after upgrading to Q2 2010 from Q1 2010 SP2.

After upgrading to Q2 2010, when you move the mouse pointer over items in the legend for the chart it throws an Just In Time exception.

I was able to reproduce this issue outside of my production application by doing the following.
1.  Create a new Silverlight Application in VS2010 (not a RadSilverlight Application)
2.  Manually add references to Telerik.Windows.Controls.Charting DLL from Q1 2010 SP2 (I also added references for Telerik.Windows.Controls and Telerik.Windows.Data)
3.  Add a simple RadChart to the XAML.
4.  In the code-behind, Initialize the chart as a DoughnutSeries, add some data and define custom legend items.
ChartLegendItemCollection legendCollection = new ChartLegendItemCollection();
legendCollection.Add(new ChartLegendItem { Label = "Received", Background = _backgroundBrushes[0] });
legendCollection.Add(new ChartLegendItem { Label = "Pending", Background = _backgroundBrushes[1] });
MyPieChart.DefaultView.ChartLegend.UseAutoGeneratedItems = false;
MyPieChart.DefaultSeriesDefinition = new DoughnutSeriesDefinition();
MyPieChart.ItemsSource = _routeBreakdown;

5. Run the project and verify that the application doesn't have an exception when you mouse over the legend items.
6. From VS2010, use the Telerk Silverlight Upgrade Wizard to upgrade the Telerik controls to Q2 2010.
7. Re-run the application and verify that the application does throw an exception when you mouse over the legend items.

I've been able to do this several times with test projects.

My question is how do I fix this in my production application?

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Telerik team
answered on 22 Jul 2010, 05:24 PM
Hi Lee,

Indeed we must admit you have come across a bug within the chart control related to custom legend items that was introduced in the latest version of the control. Unfortunately we cannot suggest a workaround at the moment but we have already forwarded the issue to our developers and it will be fixed for the weekly internal build available tomorrow.

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

All the best,
the Telerik team
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Lee Weisenberger
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answered on 22 Jul 2010, 05:46 PM
Thanks for the update.

I look forward to the fix.
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Lee Weisenberger
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Telerik team
Lee Weisenberger
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