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    I have finished my APP with icenium and when running in Android goes very well but I have some visual problems when running at iOS7. I am very concern about that because I thougth it was going to be fully compatible. This are some of the problems, I appreciate a lot if you can give me any tip
    - There is an horizontal transparent scroll bar that appear in the middle of the window
    - The windows is not fixed and is scrolling when I move it
    - Some of the select boxes are very dark so one can't almost see
    - Is asking every time I enter to a screen to use my location
    - There is a screen that refreshes every second and flickers all the images all the time.

    I am buildin the project with Cordova 3.0 (selected from the properties menu) but when I run the app with Icenium Ion it complains that I am not targeting Cordova 3.0.

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Steve
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    Hi Andrés,

    Most likely you have not upgraded to the latest version of Icenium ION which would work flawlessly with Cordova 3.0. Please update your Icenium ION installation or if necessary uninstall and install it again from the App Store. About your concerns:
    • We cannot reproduce this in our local tests on iPhone 5. If you're using Kendo UI Mobile in your app, make sure you've upgraded your project to 2013.2.1021 version. See Update the Code Libraries in Your Project help article for more information.
    • I guess you're talking about the so called rubber banding. This is handled via Cordova iOS configuration by setting the DisallowOverscroll property to true.
    • In general iOS 7 uses darker teams, if you wish to switch to the previous iOS look & feel, you can do that very easily with Kendo UI Mobile, just specify platform attribute to be "ios" when initializing the app e.g.:
      new$(document.body), {platform: "ios"});
    • Make sure cordova.js is the first script reference in your views. Also make sure you have turned ON the Geolocation plugin from the project properties (Properties -> Plugins -> Core Plugins -> Geolocation). You can use any core plugin only after Cordova has fully loaded i.e. after deviceready event has fired.
    • We would need a sample that shows the problem. Neither Cordova, nor Icenium deal with image handling, so most likely there is a problem with a javascript handling the images (this is just a guess).
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  3. Andres
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    Posted 25 Nov 2013 Link to this post

    Thanks a lot of your reply. After following it, it goes much better. The main issues where related with the loading of the cordova iOs library.

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