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    I'm using a RadRichTextBox control using the latest (Q3 2010) version.
     I'm having some issues with RadRichTextBox
    The application allows the user to enter content and he can change format,size, bold, italic, underline and Bullets. 
    When they save, we save their content in  XML format using XamlFormatProvider (Import/Export):
    i have a small toolbar that have the functionality tthat i talked about , and i want to disable the Selection Mini ToolBar so i set
    IsSelectionEnabled to flase but then i cant select any word to change format,bold ......
    there is some unusual behavior, including:
    •  The mouse cursor can't be placed into the RichTextBox so i have to uses the arrow keys so if i place it at the end and starts typing, the first letter is appended to the end of the text, but the cursor then jumps to the beginning of the text and subsequent characteres are added to the beginning.

    when i set  IsSelectionEnabled to true everything works fine in (blank document and when i edit one)

    another thing , i wnat the RichTextBox like TextBolck i mean a small one like the attached picture (1 addone (blank)) but the problem is when i want to edit so as you know i export it to document so its gonna look like in second picture (2(edit)), so is there any property to visible the document  blue background to look just like the first picture i tried to put the text in span but nothing change ,
    also i change some properties but nothing change

    last thing and im sorry is ther anway that i can getthe text from xmlFormat using this provider ?

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    I fixed it Thanks..
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