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  1. Jeff Clark
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    Posted 21 Sep 2011 Link to this post

     I am getting the following runtime error when executing a linq query that uses a list as the equivalent to the sql in clause

    Object of type

    'Telerik.OpenAccess.Query.Piece`1[<>f__AnonymousType17`6[System.Int32,System.String,System.String,System.String,System.String,System.String]]' cannot be converted to type 'Telerik.OpenAccess.Query.Piece`1[System.Int32]'.

    Here is my code:
    IList<int> equipList = new List<int>();
    foreach (RadListBoxItem item in SelectedEquipment_LB.Items)
    var query = from eq in dbContext.InventoryVwEquipments
                where equipList.Contains(eq.EquipId)
                select new { eq.EquipId, eq.EquipmentName, eq.Company, eq.Series, eq.Model, eq.Serial };
    RadListView1.DataSource = query;

    Here is the sql code generated by linq query.

    SELECT a.[EquipId] AS COL1, a.[EquipmentName] AS COL2, a.[Company] AS COL3, a.[Series] AS COL4, a.[Model] AS COL5, a.[Serial] AS COL6 FROM [Inventory].[vwEquipment] a WHERE (a.[EquipId] IN (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?))

    Any ideas why the generated sql query contains question marks instead of the integers from the equipList list?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Jeff Clark
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    Posted 26 Sep 2011 Link to this post

    Never mind.  I figured it out. It seems I have to explicitly execute the quey instead of letting the control execute the query. Changing RadListView1.DataSource = query;   to  RadListView1.DataSource = query.ToList();  gets rid of the error and the control has the expected data. The question marks in the SQL code was not the issue as I was suspecting. The SQL code here is what I get with the query.ToString() command, but that is not the exact SQL command that is sent to the SQL server.
  3. Thomas
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    Posted 27 Sep 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Jeff,

    yes, the ToString() of the query does not produce the real sql and the parameters are not in @p0 etc form, but abstract. Also, the execution is always lazy with LINQ, and a ToList() gives you the ability to explicitly say- hey, I need the data now.

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