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    I have a problem of accessing an data-source and level 2 of it using getByuid method.

    Event List -> Event -> Attendees List  
                                   -> Schedule List

    Click here for the Video of the Problem -

    I Want to access an attendee from an event. I basically do a getByUid() request but I can't get the attendee data object. It says UNDEFINED. I have a function called activity.alertMe for this.

    Please let me know why getByUid can't access this and it says undefined. How can I get the Attendee block ?


     * Activity view model
    var app = app || {};
    app.Activity = (function () {
        'use strict'
        var activityViewModel = (function () {
            var activityUid;
            var show = function (e) {
                activityUid = e.view.params.uid;
                var xid = e.view.params.xid;
                var yid = e.view.params.yid;
                // Get current activity (based on item uid) from Activities model
                var activity = app.Activities.activities.getByUid(activityUid);           
                var listviews = this.element.find("");
                    select: function() {
                    index: 0
                activity.alertMe = function(e) {
                var activityUIND = app.Activities.activities.getByUid(;   
                kendo.bind(e.view.element, activity,;
            // Navigate to activityView When some activity is selected
            var attendeeSelected = function (e) {
              //  app.mobileApp.navigate('views/event.html?yid=1&xid=' +;
            var alertMe = function (e) {  
            return {
                show: show,
                attendeeSelected: attendeeSelected,
        return activityViewModel;


          "name":"Archmage Internship Programme.",
          "description_short":"Gain an invaluable insight into banking with a leading Software Company.",
    The Archmage<\/strong> Internship Programme is for students looking to gain an invaluable insight into banking with a leading global bank. The programme provides exposure, hands-on experience and on-the-job training to gain a head start in your career after graduation.<\/p>",
                "name":"Amila Bandara",
                "detail_profile":"Amila Bandara",
                "name":"Nirosha Kodituwakku",
                "detail_profile":"Niro is the CEO of Archmage (pvt) Ltd. We build products and MAS is our eFacility Management System. It will be an amazing product.",
                "name":"Nirosha Aberyrathne",
                "detail_profile":"Nirosha is our Project Manager.",
                         "name":"Program Start",
                         "from_date":"2014-03-25 10:00:00",
                         "to_date":"2014-03-25 10:30:00",
    We will casually start the program by 10.30 am.<\/p>",
                         "venue":"Main Hall",
                         "name":"Second Day Opening",
                         "from_date":"2014-03-26 10:23:00",
                         "to_date":"2014-03-26 12:24:00",
    MIMT Opening<\/p>",

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    Hi Niro,

    I am closing this thread as a duplicate of ticket with ID 855137.

    I suggest we continue our conversation there.


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