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    I have a JumpList (with sticky headers!!!) which holds Items with a "Count" property.
    I also group with this property (0, 1 or >1).

    After changing the value of an item I check if it will belong to a different group now.
    If so - I reset the grouping to reflect the changes (have the item in the correct group).

    This works so far.
    Now I ran into two problems.
    1.) I found no event when the "regroup" is done - so I have no way to show a "busy indicator" or such a thing
    2.) I want to keep the user at the item (thats why I write here).

    I achieve point 2 by starting a dispatcher timer (not so great I know - but since I have no event....).
    In the timer handler I call "BringIntoView" with the changed item.
    This works "somehow" - but unfortunately the items is below the sticky header - and therefore not (only partially) visible.

    Am I missing something - or is this a problem with sticky headers?
    And most important - how can I avoid this (really bad looking) behavior?

  2. ManniAT
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    Posted 03 May 2012 Link to this post

    One Addition,

    in a different case I need to keep the "nearest item" in view.
    What I mean is that I scroll down "somewhere".
    Assume those items (and a small list with 4 items visible):
    Header - Items with count 0
    Name: AA - Count: 0
    Name: BB - Count: 0 -- VISIBLE
    Name: CC - Count: 0 -- VISIBLE
    Name: DD - Count: 0 -- VISIBLE
    Name: EE - Count: 0 -- VISIBLE
    Name: FF - Count: 0
    Header - Items with count 1
    Name: GG - Count: 1
    Name: HH - Count: 1
    Name: II - Count: 1
    Name: JJ - Count: 1
    Name: KK - Count: 1
    Name: LL - Count: 1

    Now I edit item DD and change its count to 1 The list (after "regrouping") will look like this
    Header - Items with count 0
    Name: AA - Count: 0
    Name: BB - Count: 0 -- VISIBLE
    Name: CC - Count: 0 -- VISIBLE
    Name: EE - Count: 0 -- VISIBLE
    Name: FF - Count: 0 -- VISIBLE
    Header - Items with count 1
    Name: DD - Count: 1 -- Moved here
    Name: GG - Count: 1
    Name: HH - Count: 1
    Name: II - Count: 1
    Name: JJ - Count: 1
    Name: KK - Count: 1
    Name: LL - Count: 1

    So in simple words - the list should act like a file in a texteditor when I delete a line.
    Lines (items) above stay on their place - the items below move up one line.

  3. Answer
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    Posted 07 May 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Manfred,

    Since I already described how you can add a Busy Indicator while grouping, I will directly skip to the second issue related with the BringIntoView behavior. I have managed to reproduce it on my side and I can confirm that this is undesired behavior. We are going to address it and the fix will be available in our next Internal Build.

    Let me know in case I can further assist you.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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