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    Posted 12 Jun 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Telerik Team,

    I have implemented a list of Tests using the Telerik VS-Plugin (the express Version). On my local computer i can build the solution without any problems. 

    I use a testshost as a scheduler server. On this testhost are a  cruise control server and a Telerik Run Time Version installed.

    I currently have the following problem:  I can't build the same project with the same code on the testhost with Visual Studio. Because the UI elements, that are defined by test studio in "pages" will not be found under silverlightapp but under silverlightapp0 (and vice versa).

    for example:

    1) on my localhost i have the following code, that i can build without problems:

    [CodedStep("Type VPMSLoggerUser into LogInUserNameBox")]

            public void ClearSystemAndNavigatoVPMSLogger_CodedStep6()


                Pages.VLShell.SilverlightApp.LoginUserNameBoxTextbox.SetText(true,"", 10, 100, false);


                Pages.VLShell.SilverlightApp.LoginUserNameBoxTextbox.SetText(true,VPMSTestHelper.Settings.GetConfigEnvironment().VPMSLoggerConfig.VPMSLoggerUser,10,100, false);


    2) what is in yellow highlighted, is under testhost (using the telerik run version) not to build with Visual Stidio. Here I get the following error message:

    'VPMSLogger.Pages.VLShellPage.SilverlightApp0Element' does not contain a definition for 'LoginUserNameBoxTextbox' and no extension method 'LoginUserNameBoxTextbox' accepting a first argument of type 'VPMSLogger.Pages.VLShellPage.SilverlightApp0Element' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    if I switch the UI-elements by hand from silverlightapp to silverlightapp0 i can build the solution again.

    [CodedStep("Type VPMSLoggerUser into LogInUserNameBox")]

            public void ClearSystemAndNavigatoVPMSLogger_CodedStep6()


                Pages.VLShell.SilverlightApp0.LoginUserNameBoxTextbox.SetText(true,"", 10, 100, false);


                Pages.VLShell.SilverlightApp0.LoginUserNameBoxTextbox.SetText(true,VPMSTestHelper.Settings.GetConfigEnvironment().VPMSLoggerConfig.VPMSLoggerUser,10,100, false);


    I do not want to switch the UI elements by hand for each build!! What is the solution? can u help me please!!!!




    Thanks & Greetings

  2. Velin Koychev
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    Posted 13 Jun 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Mostafa,

    You can easily fix this issue by renaming the  SilverlightApp to SilverlightApp0 in the Elements Explorer on your local computer. 
    Make sure that after you do this, use the Find and Replace function in Visual Studio to rename every coded step to the new/updated name.
    I have recorded a short video to demonstrate you how you can do this. 

    I hope this helps.  

    Velin Koychev
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