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    I have two usercontrol as "Search" and "Registration",which am loading in a placeholder dynamically and even it is getting loaded
    In my search usercontrol i have a grid with all user and if am selecting a particular row all the deatils value is displayed in registration page which i did in the following way (loading the registration page in the same placeholder and showing details based on session value)


    protected void grdUserInfo_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)




    pkid.Value =grdUserInfo.SelectedRow.Cells[1].Text;


    "pkidValue"] = pkid.Value;



    MasterPage Master = new MasterPage();


    Master.ID =




    PlaceHolder plc = ((PlaceHolder)this.Page.Master.Master.FindControl("SplitterContentPlaceHolder"). FindControl("SmartChartContentAreaHolder").FindControl("tabstrip1").FindControl("UpdatePanel1"). FindControl("PlaceHolder1"));




    string controlPath = "Registration.ascx";



    UserControl uc = (UserControl)LoadControl(controlPath);


    uc.ID =






    Now when am clicking update  button on registration page  the updatebtn click event is not getting fired and again search usercontrol is getting displayed.

    plz any one help me how can i fire that update btn click event.

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