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    I have developed a grid which has paging in it, it works fine for me, but when I try to convert the QueryableCollectionView to a list it returns null value, is there a way to convert that.
    Please find my coding below
    RadDataPager objRadDataPager = new RadDataPager();
                 objRadDataPager.Name = "radPager1";
                 objRadDataPager.Height = 25;
                 objRadDataPager.PageSize = 4;
                 objRadDataPager.IsTotalItemCountFixed = true;
                 objRadDataPager.DisplayMode = PagerDisplayModes.All;
                 objRadDataPager.Width = double.NaN;
                 objRadDataPager.BorderThickness = new Thickness(2);
                 QueryableCollectionView qcv = new QueryableCollectionView(lstApuandPeopleSoft.ToList().OrderBy(x => x.StartTime).ToList());
                 objRadDataPager.Source = qcv;
                 grdProcessLog.ItemsSource = qcv;
                 IList<ApuandPeopleSoft> objAutomationIDEItems12 = grdProcessLog.ItemsSource as List<ApuandPeopleSoft>;
                 summation = 0;
                 foreach (var item in objAutomationIDEItems12)
                     TimeSpan tss = getTimeSpan(item.TotalTime);
                     summation += tss.TotalSeconds;
                 TimeSpan t = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(summation);
                 txttotalhrs.Text = string.Format("{0:D2}: {1:D2}: {2:D2}",
    I get an error in
    IList<ApuandPeopleSoft> objAutomationIDEItems12 = grdProcessLog.ItemsSource as List<ApuandPeopleSoft>;
    because the grid source is not of type list<ApuandPeopleSoft> but of type QueryableCollectionView. but when i convert that to QueryableCollectionView I will not be able to calculate the time span because i am not able to convert that to List of AouandPeopleSoft. Can u please let me know as how this needs to be handled?
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