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    I'm experiencing a debugging problem with the Jumplist. My implementation is modeled on the example code from the Telerik Examples Jumplist First Look. The code is working great as far as creating the desired screen, the templates for the item data are working fine, the groups are being created, the jump from group to group is good. My problem is with managing the code when memory usage is going to be too great for the phone. I receive my data in response from a UPnP server from a 'Search' which if the user makes a silly search that will result in thousands of results. While a thousand items will work ( not a very well defined search ) if it has a reasonable number of groups all is well. The problem is when the results are say nearly 10,000 items, and the groups are several hundred. I can check my memory usage when the first server response happens and calculate memory requirements. At this point all is still working. After all the items have been added to the list. As I jump group to group 'MoveDown' I can Debug.WriteLine the memory to watch and it begins going up. In this scenario I'd be jumping one by one for ages so naturally the reaction is to tap the group for the group display to popup to jump to later in the list. Here is where my problem occurs. I can't seem to get a hook into the jumplist processing before an unhandled exception occurs. I have break points for each MoveUp and Down but the group tap I am not sure how to work with.

    What is yet to be created in the Jumplist at this point? I thought the group headers and items were already in existence in memory. What more is being rendered? Or is it that the number of headers is outside the upper limits of the Jumplist and the exception only happens during the render of the scrollable group headers display? I basically need a way to catch it before the exception, know what is being created so I can calculate memory usage and stop it beforehand, tell the user they really need to refine their search and prevent the out of memory exception.

    Oh, by the way, the RadJumplist is looking beautiful and is an excellent display for my purpose so I'm real happy with it, just need to protect my users from themselves ;-)

    Being a systemout of memory exception, this seems to evade the Diagnostics as , well there's no memory left for it to use at this time.

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    Hello Tom,

    Thanks for writing.

    From what you describe we cannot say where the problem is. We have never experienced similar issues and therefore if you are able to send us the project you're using to reproduce the OutOfMemoryException we will investigate for you.

    Please note that you will have to open a new support ticket in order to be able to attach your project.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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