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  1. jtby
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    Posted 05 Jan 2010 Link to this post

    The online dragdrop example is not working, missing this part from the c# example:

     new ApplicationInfo()
                        Name = "Large Collider",
                        Author = "C.E.R.N.",
                        IconPath = @"/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/Atom.png"
                    new ApplicationInfo()
                        Name = "Paintbrush",
                        Author = "Imagine Inc.",
                        IconPath = @"/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/Brush.png"
                    new ApplicationInfo()
    .... can you recommend how to put that in Vb.NET, your code convertor does not do it
  2. Kiril Stanoev
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    Posted 08 Jan 2010 Link to this post

    Hello John,

    This is how the GenerateApplicationInfos looks in VB:

    Public Shared Function GenerateApplicationInfos() As ObservableCollection(Of ApplicationInfo)
        Dim infos As New ObservableCollection(Of ApplicationInfo)()
        Dim info1 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info1.Name = "Large Collider"
        info1.Author = "C.E.R.N."
        info1.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/Atom.png"
        Dim info2 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info2.Name = "Fire Burning ROM"
        info2.Author = "The CD Factory"
        info2.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/CDBurn.png"
        Dim info3 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info3.Name = "Paintbrush"
        info3.Author = "Imagine Inc."
        info3.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/Brush.png"
        Dim info4 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info4.Name = "Lively Calendar"
        info4.Author = "Control AG"
        info4.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/CalendarEvents.png"
        Dim info5 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info5.Name = "Fire Burning ROM"
        info5.Author = "The CD Factory"
        info5.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/CDBurn.png"
        Dim info6 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info6.Name = "Fav Explorer"
        info6.Author = "Star Factory"
        info6.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/favorites.png"
        Dim info7 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info7.Name = "IE Fox"
        info7.Author = "Open Org"
        info7.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/Connected.png"
        Dim info8 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info8.Name = "Charting"
        info8.Author = "AA-AZ inc"
        info8.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/ChartDot.png"
        Dim info9 As New ApplicationInfo()
        info9.Name = "SuperPlay"
        info9.Author = "EB Games"
        info9.IconPath = "/DragAndDrop/Images/LargeIcons/Games.png"
        Return infos
    End Function

    Let me know how it works for you.

    Kind regards,
    Kiril Stanoev
    the Telerik team

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