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  1. Shane Milton
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    Posted 17 Apr 2005 Link to this post

    Well, I'm posting this here since there's really no good place to post this.  I just was browsing through part of the Telerik site and was reading some of the text about their open positions and found the following things quite humorous:

    Customer Support Engineer:

    • ...
    • Good spoken English;

    Senior ASP.NET Developer:

    If this opportunity fits in your career plans, and you are interested in joining a very talented, award-winning development team, please send the following items to careers@telerik.com:
    • Resume in English in XML format
    • C# code, along with instructions how to use it to parse the resume and display it in a webform

    Sorry to waste forum space but found these 2 things humorous (although the resume thing is probably a good idea for what you're looking for) and wanted to point them out to others.  :)

  2. Vassil
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    Posted 18 Apr 2005 Link to this post

    Hi Shane,

    We created a new forum category called "Miscellaneous" where you can post stuff like this. If something doesn't fit anywhere else, from now on, please, post it in "Miscellaneous":)

    That's a good post, Shane, and I appreciate the fact that you turned our attention to this matter. Even though every single item in the job ads might seem perfectly normal for us, it seems some items are quite funny for our customers.

    1) We are a Bulgarian corporation and even though people from different countries work at telerik, the majority of the folks come from Bulgaria. Every employee at telerik is proficient in English, however, not all people have had enough practice to converse freely.

    We don't require excellent spoken English as we do not provide telephone support at the moment. We are fine if people have excellent writing and analytical skills and technical knowledge. Our experience proves that this is sufficient to understand a customer's issue, to find a solution and to communicate it properly. Nonetheless, the fact that excellent spoken English is not a mandatory requirement does not mean that we are not looking for people that have those skills:)

    2) It's a very small task, yet it's a good starting point and, believe it or not, it's a good "filter". We automatically filter the applicants that are not really excited about joining our team as most folks that go career-shopping just don't bother to do some extra work. This small task is just the beginning of the hiring process and the fact that we like the implementation is by no means a significant plus.

    There are many bright, talented and hard-working people at telerik and we have always been very careful in the selection of new employees as we want them to match the profile of the people that are already here.

    I don't know for how much it counts, but all of our developers are MCSDs and MCADs and we constantly invest in raising their professional qualifications.

    I hope this gives you some insight on our perspective.

    Boyko Iaramov
    HR Manager
    the telerik team
  3. Shane Milton
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    Posted 18 Apr 2005 Link to this post

    I mostly found grammatically incorrect phrase "good spoken English" humorous (not the fact that you want people who can speak English).  Sorry - it was a late nite (middle of one of those 48-hr days).  :)

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