Not all Sprint Tasks Sync with TFS 2008

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  1. Mark Vance
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    Posted 03 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    the Sprint backlogs sync to tfs as a story, but the not all the work idems linked to the sprint backlog are comming over with they sync.  I have the following sync line in the sync xml:
    using tfs 2008

    <EntityMapping TeamPulseEntityName="Task" DestinationEntityName="Sprint Backlog Item">
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="AreaPath" TeamPulseFieldType="string" DestinationFieldName="System.AreaPath" DestinationFieldDisplayName="Area Path" DestinationFieldType="string" />
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="AssignedTo" TeamPulseFieldType="string" DestinationFieldName="System.AssignedTo" DestinationFieldDisplayName="Assigned To" DestinationFieldType="string" />
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="Description" TeamPulseFieldType="string" DestinationFieldName="System.Description" DestinationFieldDisplayName="Description" DestinationFieldType="string" />
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="EstimateProbable" TeamPulseFieldType="single" DestinationFieldName="Conchango.TeamSystem.Scrum.EstimatedEffort" DestinationFieldDisplayName="Estimated Effort (Scrum)" DestinationFieldType="double" />
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="IterationPath" TeamPulseFieldType="string" DestinationFieldName="System.IterationPath" DestinationFieldDisplayName="Iteration Path" DestinationFieldType="string" />
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="Status" TeamPulseFieldType="string" DestinationFieldName="System.State" DestinationFieldDisplayName="State" DestinationFieldType="string" />
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="Name" TeamPulseFieldType="string" DestinationFieldName="System.Title" DestinationFieldDisplayName="Title" DestinationFieldType="string" />
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="WorkRemaining" TeamPulseFieldType="single" DestinationFieldName="Conchango.TeamSystem.Scrum.WorkRemaining" DestinationFieldDisplayName="Work Remaining (Scrum)" DestinationFieldType="double" />
            <FieldMapping TeamPulseFieldName="ParentID" TeamPulseFieldType="integer" DestinationFieldName="ParentID" DestinationFieldDisplayName="Parent" DestinationFieldType="integer" />
            <DefaultValue FieldName="System.AssignedTo" />
            <DefaultValue FieldName="System.Title" Value="New Sprint Backlog Item" />
  2. Elena Hristova
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    Posted 04 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Jeremy,

     Currently the sync process between TFS and TeamPulse recognizes only one type of relationship and that is the parent child relationship between a task and its parent (in TeamPulse those are stories, bugs, issues and risks). I believe that this restriction may be causing your confusion that not all work items are coming over from TFS to TeamPulse.

     We have had feature request to support syncing other types of relationships and I will encourage you to go to our public Feedback Portal and vote for the item, as the more votes an item gets, more likely it will be to implemented.

    Elena Peneva
    the Telerik team
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