Manually Adding More Than Two Grid Columns Null Exception

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    Posted 22 Aug 2014 Link to this post

    I am new to Kendo and I am testing out the grid functionality using the JSP tag library with the Grid control.

    In my Java code I am building up a List<Employees> and setting it as an attibute in the request. The Employee class is simple, being 

        private int EmployeeID;
        private int ManagerID;
        private String LastName;
        private String FirstName;

    with accompanying getters and setters.

    I am sending it to the JSP page using
         request.setAttribute( "theData", employees);

    I have successfully displayed the grid using the following tags in my JSP page.

                    <kendo:grid name="grid1" id="grid1"
                        <kendo:grid-pageable buttonCount="5" pageSize="5" info="true">
                        <kendo:dataSource data="${theData}">
                            <kendo:grid-column field="firstName" title="First Name"   width="80px" />
                            <kendo:grid-column field="lastName" title="Last Name"  width="80px"/>
    <%--                         <kendo:grid-column field="employeeID" title="Employee ID"  /> --%>
    <%--                         <kendo:grid-column field="managerID" title="Manager ID"  /> --%>

    I have also sucesfully displayed the grid if I remove the entire kendo:grid-columns tag. Therefore I know that my data path is wired up correctly.

    If I uncomment out either of the grid-columns (employeeID or managerID) the page throws a NullException error at

        at com.kendoui.taglib.BaseTag.setProperty(
        at com.kendoui.taglib.grid.ColumnTag.setField(

    Any combination of two data columns displays as expected but adding a third or fourth one cases the exception. Is this something I am doing wrong? Is this a known issue with the JSP tag libraries?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


  2. Atanas Korchev
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    Posted 26 Aug 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Steven,

    I tried to reproduce the problem to no avail. Find attached my test project exported as a WAR file.

    Atanas Korchev
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