Looking for a developer who can take over a project for me.

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  1. Darryl Barney
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    Hello Everyone,

    We have a client which I will not be supporting any longer at my office as per terms of our agreement. She is easy to get along with, and a very well-thoughtout person (so shes not a client who is too difficult to communicate with).

    The project is a small CRM which helps them track clients, sites, equipment (currently 2 makes, about 10 models of equipment that they make), service tickets, pre-created reports are also in the program.(very simple ones at that)

    This was a high-speed development, which though works pretty well, was what we called a "phase 1". They wanted something, and I gave it to them quickly. I personally don't have the time after hours at work anymore to support the software and further develop on it beyond our initial agreement, and would like to find someone to pick it up from me.

    As mentioned, this was a Phase 1. The effort was not in the visuals as per the clients request, but by using RadSplitter, RadPane, RadCombobox, RadWindow, RadGrid, and RadMenu (all classic) I was able to keep a relatively nice and clean look throughout.

    Phase 2 will probably include further tracking of clients, additional equipment profiles to be managed (meaning custom forms which hold data for each make, and can be tracked).

    It currently is 100% vb.net with a MSSQL 2005 database backend. It contains about a dozen tables, maybe 30 stored procedures, and about 10-15 manually coded queries through the RadGrid or other SqlAdapters.

    I will, by email, explain how it was all developed once someone has been hired as the main lead for the project, and explain what the intentions were of each decision made to help make the transition easier.

    In Phase 2, some code-rewriting is expected, though this is actually a very simple data insert, data retrieval, data display application with no real complexity in logic, so there is nothing to be scared of.

    Turnaround on updates/fixes is not expected at this time to be same day. Though the requests of the client may change in the future. (though like any client, by communicating my time frames, she is usually very happy.)

    Anyone who is interested in this, please respond with your email address, or some contact information so that I can email you privately. I will be asking what your per-hour rates are, what your availability for such a project is, and how much experience you have in vb.net, mssql, and the telerik tools.

    Also if you have any questions, please feel free to respond, so that I can better answer to anyone whom may be interested.

  2. George
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    Hello Darryl,

    Thanks for the detailed information - this seems like a great contract to be in. Please, contact me @

    aspnet.freelanceer at gmail.com   (note: the double "ee" is not a typo)

    Please, contact me privately, so we can discuss my experience and if I would be a good fit for this contract.

    My experience with Telerik controls is more than 3 years, plus I have good knowledge of both Prometheus and Classic suites, and I am skilled in both VB.NET and C#, plus I have experience with client-side javascript and the javascript APIs of Telerik Controls.

    Looking forward to your reply.
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